I recently had a chance to chat with local songstress and fitness enthusiast, Talitha Tan. Sitting in Goodness Greens, TTDI – she was a lovely pop of color in both appearance and personality. Read on to know more about the singer-songwriter who will be performing at Good Vibes.

Q: How are you? Have you been busy, how’s the schedule been?

A: I’ve been good, I’m just getting my music produced. I’m working with SonaOne, Bo Amir.. and I’m training for a powerlifting competition. (GURL WAT)

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself, generally, or maybe something that people don’t really know too much about?

A: I’m a singer songwriter, i’ve been doing this for about 6-7 years, full time about 2-3 years. Another thing I do, is sports. For people who follow me on Instagram (they can see) I do parkour, I’m a rock climber, I powerlift, anything to do with sports – I love it. So those are my main priorities I would say.

So apparently, like everyone else – Talitha started singing in the shower. But also above everyone else who ends their career in the shower, she soldiered on – moving to YouTube and then, open mics. Being the nightingale she is, she then started getting gigs and contracts from friends.

Q: But someone must’ve told you you could sing…?

A: Yes! I went to a Chinese school when I was a kid, and I was the only English speaking person there. So I’d sing to myself, but really softly because I was really really shy. And then they used to gather around me [to listen], and they’d tell me that I could sing. So I guess that’s where I got the confidence, but my dad never thought I could sing ha ha.

But I’ve slowly earned my parents support. My parents are really protective, so they would not allow me to go out often, with friends or anyone in general. So I had to really beg you for my first open mic. But I’d say that music has opened up a lot of doors for me in terms of parents letting me out, and meeting new people. So I’ve proved to my parents that, [music] is something I enjoy, and is really passionate about. When they saw that I can support myself now, they can’t really say much. My mum is really supportive.

Q: What about the music industry? You’ve been there a long time, but now you’re fully immersing yourself – how has the people and support been?

A: I would say it’s a lot better, it’s improved compared to six years ago. The music scene is a little more supportive. People are a lot more supportive and welcoming. There are a lot more opportunities for people coming in. How’s the industry.. I would say that there are not enough places to perform – it’s always the same places, Alexis, No Black Tie, The Bee – those are all general places.

My only struggle now is getting producers to produce my songs. I’ve had people come up to me and ask “Do you have a new song coming out?” And the things is I do, I just don’t have them produced for me to put online, yet. I have 3/4 songs in the works right now but they’re not finished, so yeah.

Like a lot of young artistes, she isn’t under a label yet. Stating her plans to have a discography or plan solid to show the label, she wants to wait. It’s better to have a stand, rather than be owned she says.

Q: What’s your stand?

A: I believe in originality, in being me. That’s what I like to sell on social media as well. Rather than having to change my entire image just so I can sell. I like writing music that I like listening to, rather than coming up with music that everyone likes and I don’t like myself.

Q: What’s the support like outside? Do you go out to family or friends..?

A: I’d go up to friends, or random people and just let them listen to a teaser and they’d tell me whether they like it or not. There’s criticism and I try to change, but if I’m stubborn and I think, “No, I like it this way then no dice” You can’t please everybody. There’s always someone who doesn’t like how it’s produced, how its written – but it’s subjective.

“Slight soul, R&B – also leaning towards indie, slight pop, slight electronic and acoustic” Talitha doesn’t have to put a label onto her music. It’s genre-less, but just the way she likes it.

Q: “Okay”, was that an achievement? Something that you had been waiting to release for a long time?

A: I wrote “Okay” after my first single called “Sigh”, and someone recorded it and posted it. And my producer heard it and he came up to me saying he wanted to produce it. And it was a great opportunity working with him because he was also my friend.

Q: You talk a lot about “being me” in your songs, how would you describe your essence? Explain to the audience.

A: Soul, feelings. When I write, I write based on experience and what I feel – when I have the inspiration. It’s feeling, lyrics, and how you pour out.

Q: You place importance on perspective, which is not something I hear very often from young artistes. It’s very mature.

A: I guess it’s because I know I can’t please everybody. And a lot don’t get that. People get affected  by others not liking their material. I put that aside to a certain extent la. I take criticism and try to learn from it. Of course, you feel a little sad but then after a while, you learn from mistakes.

Q: So let’s talk about Good Vibes for a a bit! How was the process? What are you expecting out of the crowd in Good Vibes?

A: It’s a big opportunity, i’ve wanted to perform for GV for a while now. I’m glad I’m able to perform this year – the line ups pretty cool too. I’m not sure, I honestly do not know what to expect, I don’t know who or how many people are gonna be there. I’m just thinking about having FUN on stage with my band. And I hope whoever thats there will also have fun and enjoy my performance. *big smiles*



Q: What about the setlist? New songs.. something people haven’t heard before?

A: I’m definitely playing more originals. I might be playing something new, but still waiting upon confirmation. We’ll see la

Ooh. That mystery.

Q: Okay, let’s end this interview with a little prophecy. Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?

A: Touring possibly, if i could i would. If I can find the funding, or manage that. Travel around. Hopefully [have] more collaborations as well. I would love to collaborate with Tom Misch, Calvin Harris – he’s pretty cool.

Catch her Sunday 13th of August!