By Shazwan Zulkiffli

After experiencing a trio of strong cinematic performances in Munafik, Ola Bola, Jagat, and Pekak, Malaysian local movie fans will be up for another treat after an intriguing trailer was uploaded to the net.


The Interchange, directed by Bunohan director Dain Said, will feature the likes of Iedil Putra – who just recently enjoyed success in his role in Kroll Azry’s Pekak. Iedil Putra will play the role of a police photographer, who stumbles upon mysterious beings in his photographs, the most prominent of which is a lady played by Prisia Nasution.

Southeast Asian darling Nicholas Saputra, who is popular for his work in the Ada Apa Dengan Cinta series, will also have a role in the film as what looks like a mystic bird-like creature disguised as a man alongside Shaheizy Sam who will be playing as a detective accompanying Iedil Putra in his investigation into the mysterious beings.

The film will also be played at the Toronto International Film Festival, Vladivostok International Film Festival, London International Film Festival and also Singapore International Film Festival before debuting in Malaysian cinema on the 1st of December.

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