Get this people, matchmaking app JustDating just released the results of a survey – and it’s interesting. Malaysian men and women talking about their dating experiences, and after a cross-comparison of the number of dates per week and monthly salaries – over 50% of respondents who say they go on more than 5 dates per week had monthly salaries over RM6,000. That’s in direct contrast for respondents who only went on one date a week, they averaged out at RM2,000.


As millennials, we don’t make a lot of money since most of us haven’t been in the workforce for very long. That being said, dating is an expensive co-curricular activity considering how the price of everything has gone up exponentially since our parents’ generation. Can we afford to date? Yes, we can. Just scale back from a night at Marini’s to a couple of simpler ideas. Simple pleasures, right?

Stuck? I’ve got you covered.



Lazada Malaysia

Safe haven for all of those who want to ber-romance under some greenery, I don’t need to elaborate much. Or endorse it.


credit: Nuria Ling

Lazada Indonesia

Load up your Touch n’ Go cards! Public transportation in Malaysia has a new addition, and the MRT is a great way to go on an adventure around the city we know and love. With some trips only being RM0.60 between stations, why not? #jomnaikMRT




Love nature? Take a hike up Broga (currently closed but sure to open again soon), Tabur or Gasing and enjoy the fresh air. Take in the view, and the best part – it’s absolutely free. If nature isn’t your thing, but fitness is – try the free yoga classes at APW. (brb nama-stay in bed, thanks)

Art Gallery

credit: Venueville

There are so many galleries in the Klang Valley, and most of them are free. Indulge your inner art snob, pretend you’re a curator or a collector – just go, have fun and get into it.

Neighbourhood Exploration


Are you a Bangsar guy? An Uptown girl? Get out of your comfort zone and go on a walking tour of a new neighbourhood. Explore what different suburbs have to offer – the cafes, the shops, the people. Who knows, you might find a new hangout spot.

According to the survey, for what it’s worth – they suggest that increasing the number of dates one engages in per week helps singles get acquainted and increase their monthly salary. Or, you know – you could get a Sugar Daddy.