The show’s production has officially started.

By Yue Lynn  

Photo Credit: Netflix

Netflix, Earth inhabitants’ leading “internet entertainment service” announced that its first Korean original variety show Busted! has started their production activities in good ole Korea. For this production, Netflix has partnered up with Company SangSang, Hyuk-Jae Jang and Hyo-Jin Cho, Korea’s most successful variety show producers (Running Man and Family Outing) to create Busted!, which will be shown worldwide on many mortals’ Netflix screens in 2018.

Touted as an unorthodox variety game show, each episode of Busted! will feature celebrities solving a mystery. Additionally, the show will be filmed in numerous locations in Korea. While the cast are not confirmed currently, the show will have an interesting roster of unique personalities from different backgrounds.

To add more spice into the mystery, “cast members who will be taking part in solving each episode’s mystery will not know who will participate in the game and what roles they play until it is revealed through the making of the show.” Despite all these smoke and mirrors shenanigans, it is reported that the full cast would be announced soon at a later date.

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