By Shazwan Zulkiffli





The red capes are coming…to make you cringe at how mediocre the film turned out to be.

Batman V Superman was supposed to be the start of a brand new live action DC universe, led by the brands most iconic heroes and maybe, just maybe, the first step in finally challenging Marvel’s Avengers at their own game.

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Unfortunately, what we got onscreen was an overhyped superhero action movie, which has succeeded in disappointing not just regular movie goers, but also hardcore DC fans.

Of course, there were some epic moments and memorable scenes in the film. I mean, I have to admit even I squealed when I saw Batman decrypting Luthor’s files and finding folders on the other Justice League members. The handful of good scenes can’t make up for all the horrible, unneeded scenes throughout the movie – like approximately a million panning shots of a field on what we presume to be the Wayne estate.

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The movie is too congested


The movie is basically a grand disorganized mess. You already have 2 main characters, brought on 4 supporting characters from Man of Steel, attempted to add another 3 characters including Wonder Woman, and 5 different storylines from the comics – all vying for precious screentime and attention. In all honesty, it seriously looks like Zack Snyder and Warner Bros really wanted to make a two and a half hour long commercial essentially screaming, “Hey fellas, Justice League is finally here!” but failed in doing justice to the friendship and battles of DC’s finest.

Distasteful character developments


No back story on Lex and Clark’s relationship to each other, little exposition on Batman’s years fighting crime, and why Bruce is living in an ugly, contemporary intrepertation of a futuristic home instead of Wayne Manor. And the worst part is, we had to really wait until the end for Wonder Woman to somehow help out, when truthfully all she did was defend and play cowgirl.

Couldn’t be more draggy


Eventhough the film was compact, the whole experience was still an unbearable dragfest. At the end of the film, when they should’ve just closed the curtains somewhere earlier, they didn’t, because they had to stick in lots of unnecessary and repetitive scenes with dialog that plays no significant role in the film – other than screaming, “Hey fellas, Justice League is finally here!”. But it is a Zack Snyder film through and through. I mean, look at 300.

Plot holes

Plot holes. Plot holes everywhere. I truly understand that its a superhero film, so realistically there will be inevitable plot holes but seriously? Superman dies after getting stabbed, and not blown up to bits by a nuclear missile? Lex Luthor having custom logos for the superheroes he catalouged in his encrypted files? Do the Superheroes have their own personal designers to send in an AI file to Lex for a hi-res view on his interface?

No soul and emotion whatsoever


When Superman died, I didn’t feel sad at all. Same goes for most of the people in the cinema. I heard more sobbing while watching a Pixar movie than this. It’s just completely predictable, bland, and emotionless. Instead I actually felt relieved that the Son of Krypton finally died, for some weird reason. Snyder has failed to make his characters connect with his viewers yet again, and the fact that he’s bad at it, – and that he keeps getting to make DC movies, – is even sadder than the supposedly tragic scene in the movie.

Batman is badass


Bat-fleck is a major yes. Ben Affleck aced his role as Batman, with awesome costumes and one rad-looking batmobile. Batman’s fighting moves are more fluid this time around, as the Dark Knight fights his way through goons, Supes, and definitely NOT Doomsday. Some of Batman’s fight scenes could have easily fit into any of the Arkham games. His characterization is suitably more nuanced than the Bale version – the ultimate authoritarian, the suave playboy, and the specimen of peak human performance, Bat-fleck is a joy to watch when he’s not chewing scenery.

…..but Batman killed a lot of people?


Batman is special because as hard as it is to fight people without killing them, his philosophy has always leaned towards the light side: the modern-day Batman regards his prohibition towards killing his enemies as the only rule he cannot break. However, Batman shamelessly kills dozens of people in so many ways, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of having Batman in the film. In fact, this is probably the first time we’ve ever seen a killer Batman on screen.

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman


How can we not mention on how super cool Wonder Woman is. The photograph of her and the soldiers that Bruce found in Lex’s files was just A plus. Her fighting skills are to be feared and her fashion sense is top notch, so at least we know that the Wonder Woman character is safe in Gal Gadot’s arms (and ropes). Wonder Woman is a particular delight in this film – when the two main leads are more concerned with glowering into the distance than actually doing anything, Gal Gadot brings a palpable sense of mystery, warmth, daring, and charm to the Diana Prince side of the character that is refreshing.

Overall, the movie is pretty disappointing, especially if you’ve been waiting for so long for the movie to premiere. Having Snyder in the director’s seat isn’t really working very well, as he continues to deliver messy, overly grim, and serious movies. But on a positive note, the movie is an introduction to a bigger DC universe that, we hope, will not be as bad as BvS. A 4/10 is a generous giveaway, and trust me, its all just for Batfleck and Wonder Woman.