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Best Malaysian F1 Grand Prix Moments

Thank You For 19 Great Years, Sepang F1 has been part and parcel of Malaysian automotive culture ever since its introduction in 1999, hosting many great racing scenes as well as spectacular crashes caused no less by the challenging circuit and unpredictable atrocious weather. Searing heat and tropical thunderstorms were more often than not the main enemy in Sepang, giving cause to some of the best dramas and overtakes the season had witnessed. With that, here’s a list of some of the best Grand Prix moments throughout the years. Debut Debacle Sepang’s debut in the F1 calendar already managed...

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Sneakerlah Returns Next Weekend On The 7th October

Prepare To Part Ways With Your Money Be ready to splash some serious cash, as Sneakerlah returns at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre next weekend. Featuring a mix of international and local brands, ranging from Pestle and Mortar, Against Lab, Major Drop, to OBSCR, Vans, Keds, DC and Sneakers Spa, the convention has you covered. Be sure to lookout for rare kicks amongst the stores and in the trading pits, it’s not often that grails get brought out to see the light of the day! Other than just being a marketplace, the convention will also host myriad other activities such...

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