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Know Your Noodles – A Quick Look at Boat Noodle History

by Shazwan Zulkiffli Boat noodles have been Thailand’s go-to food for hundreds of years now.  Known as the Kuey Teow Ruer, the history of the boat noodles goes back to the 12th century when the great Siam Kingdom was run from Ayutthaya, an international trading center at the time. Then, noodles were prepared on boats that paddled and parked along the city’s waterways. Due to the fact that boat noodle merchants worked alone back in the days, the noodles had to be served in small bowls to make it easier for them to serve the noodles to the customers...

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The Level Presents: The Boat Noodle Challenge Playlist

Are you joining the Boat Noodle Challenge? Is your stomach up for 40 minutes of noodle-slurping fashion? Well, with the challenge starting this weekend there’s not much time to prepare, but we’ve got you up to speed with two exclusive playlists on Spotify to get you fired up before and during the challenge! First, check out ‘WARMING UP’ – a 5-song playlist bound to get you in the mood to do something intense, featuring classic rock hits to wake the system up! Once you’re ready to sit down for your meal, cue up INTENSITY – 10-song playlist designed to...

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Ready, Set, Eat: The Boat Noodle Challenge Kicks Off This Weekend

The Boat Noodle Challenge begins this weekend, and stomachs everywhere are preparing themselves to go to war, not just for bragging rights as the champion of boat noodle aficionados in Malaysia, but also with cash prizes of up to RM5000! With the preliminaries beginning this 14th October at the Boat Noodle Jaya One outlet, up to 40 contestants per session will compete head to head for 40 minutes to see who can finish the most bowls of noodles in 40 minutes. Boat Noodle staff will be keeping track of the best performing participants in every section, with 10 slots...

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