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Ready, Set, Eat: The Boat Noodle Challenge Kicks Off This Weekend

The Boat Noodle Challenge begins this weekend, and stomachs everywhere are preparing themselves to go to war, not just for bragging rights as the champion of boat noodle aficionados in Malaysia, but also with cash prizes of up to RM5000! With the preliminaries beginning this 14th October at the Boat Noodle Jaya One outlet, up to 40 contestants per session will compete head to head for 40 minutes to see who can finish the most bowls of noodles in 40 minutes. Boat Noodle staff will be keeping track of the best performing participants in every section, with 10 slots...

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Chill Chill x BCWA Brings Out The Big Guns For The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Hey, it’s October! You know what that means? It’s breast cancer awareness month. That being said, it’s time for you (and your loved ones) to go for your check ups, and do some reading up. That being said, I hear you – going for a checkup might be kind of intimidating. Just chill out, local brand Chill Chill and the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA) have got you covered. BCWA’s bringing out the big guns to promote breast health awareness so their Mobile Unit Reaching Nationwide with Information (Murni) will be carrying out free clinical breast examinations! You...

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Sixtea: Stories of Unity

In collaboration with our friends at Chill Chill Thai Tea, we set off across Malaysia to three iconic kopitiams who’ve been serving Malaysia since or even before Merdeka and Malaysia Day. From sleepy Ipoh to bustling Penang, we had the opportunity to speak to these three kopitiams about the legacy of their stores, and more importantly, the legacy of the stories they’ve created. With food and drink being an essential part of Malaysian culture, there was no better candidate to give us a peek into 60 years of independence and 54 years of nationhood than those guardians of the...

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