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Experience the Music of OlaBola with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Got nothing to do on Malaysia Day, but feel like channeling your energy and patriotism somewhere? Come and relive the glory days of Malaysian football with OlaBola — one of the country’s most popular films so far, alongside a live music performance by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra at Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, from 15 September to 16 September at 8:30 pm. Composed by Malaysia’s award-winning composer, Onn San, including new music specifically written for this concert, accompanied by guest singers Stephanie Van Driesen and Juwita Suwito, get ready to be absorbed into a whole new and unique experience; history presented...

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Borak Good Vibes #8: Killeur Calculateur

I was assigned to interview one of the local bands that introduced me to old school hardcore. During the Valley of the Dead days, I still remember seeing a Killeur Calculateur gig poster just outside of my first ever jamming session in a dodgy studio in Shah Alam. It’s been years and now, Killeur Calculateur are considered legends by many, and at least by me.   On a rainy Friday night, I drove down to SS15, where the devil sleeps in between the cars in the unbearable traffic congestion. There, members of KC, Smek and Ali Jo were already...

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Kandang: Orwell’s Animal Farm with a Malaysian Twist

by Shazwan Zulkiffli The conventional way to celebrate Merdeka would include sticking a small flag on your windshield, occasionally mutter the intro part of Sudirman’s Tanggal 31 lyrics, and maybe watch Dataran Merdeka’s annual Merdeka parade on national television. But this year, why don’t we bring the celebration up a notch, shall we? Because Kandang might just make this Merdeka the most memorable yet. KLPAC presents to you Kandang, a bold adaptation of George Orwell’s written masterpiece, Animal Farm. Directed by Omar Ali, who also helmed the top chair for the sold-out show Dato’ Seri, Kandang isn’t a direct...

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Local Street Art gets a leg up at the Melbourne Malaysia Street Art Exchange

By Muhammad Nabil Visit Victoria (VV) and Publika Shopping Gallery have collaborated to launch a Street Art competition for aspiring street artists, amateur to professional. Themed ‘Make Your Mark in Melbourne’, all Malaysian street artists aged 21 and above are invited to compete for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to experience cultural immersion in Melbourne. The winner gets to collaborate with famed studio, Juddy Roller Studios, in the artistic district of Fitzroy, with it’s founder Shaun Hossack and also get an opportunity to contribute an artwork to regional Victoria’s Wall to Wall Festival Benalla 2018, a...

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10 Other Greetings For Chinese New Year

By Jeremy Say Chinese New Year is here and you gotta greet everyone you meet. So doesn’t that simple gong xǐ fa cái/gung1 hei2 faat3 coi4 (恭喜发财) over and over kinda get tiresome after awhile? How about learning some other phrases for CNY to spice things up? Of course they will be taught by me, the banana at The Level (*so I may be wrong, but hey we learn and fail together with google translate >_<), so we’ll be learning together! Here are the Jyutping Tones for the numbers in Cantonese pronunciations PS Gong xǐ fa cái/gung1 hei2 faat3...

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