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Scarlet Heroes’ ‘Somewhere Under The Atmosphere’ finally out!

By A.Akbar Malaysian pop punk heavyweights Scarlet Heroes has been playing peek-a-boos with their fans by playfully teasing them with singles taken from the album. In that ordeal, the Heroes released three separate music videos for ‘Headway’, ‘Radio Romeo’, and ‘Fire In The Valley’ together with a cover of Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’ that made waves on social media. Finally, after months of teasing, Scarlet Heroes unleashed their full-flex album ‘Somewhere Under The Atmosphere’ last weekend. This album features 15 hard-hitting pizza-soda-friendly songs fully equipped with proper build-ups and breakdowns. What’s interesting about this album is the curation – how...

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What We Learned From Rock The World 2017

by A.Akbar After 17 years, Rock The World went up for another round of chugging hardcore riffs, featuring the biggest names in the country including Bunkface and Masdo. But as much as people said that this year’s Rock The World is pretty much the same as last year or the year before – we beg to differ. We feel that there’s much to learn from this year’s showcase and it can serve as a lesson for all, even the organisers themselves. Metal is alive and strong, but in need of a fresh approach.     Photo taken from Rock...

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alextbh listed to perform at Laneway Festival Singapore

By A.Akbar Malaysian musician and producer alextbh announced yesterday that he will be performing at Laneway Singapore as a part of a second wave of inclusion in the current roster. Alextbh blew up with ‘Alive’ before the release of ‘Stoop So Low’, that quickly became his most played song on Spotify by a few million hits compared to  his previous works. At this point, you can say that the KL-based singer holds the bragging rights as the biggest Malaysian contemporary R&B singer with a guaranteed crowd in Singapore. His name is included alongside other regional acts Amateur Takes Control,...

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Recap your musical journey this year with Spotify’s latest feature

By A.Akbar 2017 has been a wonderful year for music streaming. On the international side, Kendrick Lamar released his highly anticipated DAMN. album, Justin Bieber’s version of ‘Despacito’ was on everyone’s lips, and Queens of the Stone Age’s on the course to bring freshness back into rock ‘n’ roll with an unlikely ally, Mark Ronson, in Villains. As the year comes to an end, Spotify brings out their best features to help you look back into the your musical journey  by bringing back its interactive ‘2017 Wrapped’ site, celebrating each user’s unique soundtrack of the year. By visiting,...

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