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Plague of Happiness’ ‘Matahari’ MV, a tribute to their Japanese tour

by A.Akbar Plague of Happiness is known to be part of the successful half of the ska scene that once dominated the music sphere in the early 2000s. It’s quite common to hear Plague of Happiness perform in sold out shows across the country, but fretting their ska-punk beats in Japan? Now that’s a story worth writing for. Due to that, the band wrote a song called ‘Matahari’ that looks like a tribute to the land and the people of the rising sun, Japan. The music video is a compilation of their adventures during their Japanese tour not too...

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Pitahati releases MV for ‘Dari Minda Sa-Orang Sutradara’

by A.Akbar Malaysia’s grandest psychedelic crew has always been known for trippy effects and their ode to Malay visual culture in their music videos. This time, Pitahati took a step back to produce something simple, yet bound to be iconic for one of their songs for Selamat Datang Ke Panggung Suara. Alongside ‘Hafiz Sufian’ and ‘Kedai Kopi 60an’, ‘Dari Minda Sa-Orang Sutradara’ has always been one of the stand out tracks that deserves its own visual therapy. Directed by Setyo Wibowo, the music video was given a spectacular visual representation, featuring Malaysia’s proud product the Batik. The music video...

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The Closest To The Real Thing: Interviewing The Bootleg Beatles

by A.Akbar Courtesy of the good people at Freeform, The Bee, Expatriate Lifestyle and the Journal Hotel, we got a chance to talk to one of the best Beatles cover band alive – The Bootleg Beatles. Active since the 80s, the band went through a few lineup changes before settling with the current four – Steven White, Gordon Elsmore, Adam Hastings, and Stephen Hill.    This is going to be your first time in Malaysia, how are you feeling about it? Gordon: I’m looking forward to the heat the food and a crazy audience. I might not go home....

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