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Best Drops Of 2017 So Far

The hype never stops. There’s always something new coming around the corner to complete and complement the new season’s collection. Well, in the case of Malaysia, one season since most of our local labels only release one drop a year and we pretty much only have hot season, haze season, and rainy season. We’ve compiled a list of the best drops of 2017 so far, so get ready to part ways with your cash, and step up your fashion game. Adidas NMD ‘Sashiko Pack’ Entailing the use of Sashiko embroidery from Japan, the brand with 3 stripes has employed...

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The Level’s Official Playlist of July 2017

911/ Mr Lonely by Tyler, The Creator   The song comes in two parts, with a seamless transition from the first to the next — and is probably one of Tyler The Creator’s best ones from ‘Flower Boy’. ‘911’ definitely has a smoother catch to it, having it featured by Steve Lacy, Frank Ocean, Anna of The North and Syd, but ‘Mr Lonely’ is more gallantly outrageous about being lonely and filling the void with creature comforts. Tyler also had A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q to assist him with ‘Mr Lonely’. This 4-minute track has a lot going on,...

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Selepas ‘Tunjuk Belang’, maliQue kembali dengan ‘Pejamkan Mata’

  Sudah lebih sedekad maliQue dan Joe Flizzow berpisah dari kumpulan hip hop Too Phat yang diagungkan ramai sewaktu fasa kemuncaknya pada tahun 90an dan awal 2000. Kini, macam macam khabar angin timbul tentang keadaan maliQue, lagi lagi selepas Joe Flizzow rilis lagu ‘Aku Tanya Apa Khabar’ yang sangat jelas ditujukan kepada the General. Sebulan yang lepas terdapat desas desus diantara pemuzik tanahair yang mengatakan maliQue bakal kembali ke arena muzik lokal, walaupun ramai yang menyangkal idea ini kerana tiada bukti dari maliQue sendiri. Namun begitu, kementerian belia dan sukan mengambil langkah yang mengejutkan dengan menghasilkan sebuah lagu bersama...

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