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Is Tres Empre breaking up?

By A.Akbar It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything from Tres Empre and after this article, you might not be so enthusiastic about what may come next. Tres Empre rose to prominence after beating every then-big band to open for rock legends Incubus, and what happened after was history. The band went on to release ‘Antagonist’ and became one of the most sought-after bands in their genre. But after launching ‘Khayalan Kaca’, Tres Empre has been quiet, or at least not as active as they were before. Rumors said that the band members were busy working, but social media...

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Ivory Aisle returns heavier with Nash Muhandes as new vocalist

  By A.Akbar At one point, it seemed like all hope was lost for Ivory Aisle, an emo pop punk band with so much promise, after the sudden departure of their vocalist Afiq. Spearheaded by former I, Revival bassist Adam Muhd, Ivory Aisle was destined for greatness after a brilliant start to their band career. Now heavier than ever, Ivory Aisle rose from the ashes to deliver ‘Redshift’, and a brand new direction featuring an scene juggernaut, Nash Muhandes. Nash Muhandes is known for producing the big boys in the scene, including Massacre Conspiracy, I Lost The Plot and...

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Plague of Happiness’ ‘Matahari’ MV, a tribute to their Japanese tour

by A.Akbar Plague of Happiness is known to be part of the successful half of the ska scene that once dominated the music sphere in the early 2000s. It’s quite common to hear Plague of Happiness perform in sold out shows across the country, but fretting their ska-punk beats in Japan? Now that’s a story worth writing for. Due to that, the band wrote a song called ‘Matahari’ that looks like a tribute to the land and the people of the rising sun, Japan. The music video is a compilation of their adventures during their Japanese tour not too...

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