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16 Baris will be LIVE at The Bee, Publika

by Norain F You can say that Kartel Records and Rocketfuel Entertainment’s 16 Baris did more than just raise the bar for Malaysian hip hop. With more than 100,000 views for each video, 16 Baris even helped highlight new talents like Gard, Ashtin, and K-Main, pairing them with heavyweights Airliftz, Altimet, and Jin Hackman, not to mention summoning a distant legend MC Syze from his slumber.   With support from The Bee, and every hip hop believers across the country, 16 Baris will now be performed live at Publika featuring the biggest names in Malaysian hip hop, spearheaded by...

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New Arctic Monkeys Album Coming Out Sooner Than You Think

By Norain F. Sheffield indie rock band, Arctic Monkeys has come a long way since the release of their debut album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. Ever since then, the band has skyrocketed to fame, with singles like Mardy Bum and Fluorescent Adolescent. But their greasy, leather jacket days maybe over to make way for the sophisticated turtleneck jacket-look of the 80s. Whether you’re a pre-AM or post-AM fan, you have to admit: the thought of another Arctic Monkey album is exciting. After much anticipation, Arctic Monkeys announced their sixth album with glitz and glam,...

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Carthreena’s Breathe For Tomorrow album review, an ideal emo album in 2018

By Faris Foat   Klang post-hardcore/emo band Carthreena released an album titled Breathe For Tomorrow, and we recently got our hands on this cut that will take you back to your high school days jamming to Alesana. Here are the 4 songs that are worth listening the spin on Breathe For Tomorrow!   Cancer The second song in the album, Cancer is pure emo fuel. The chanting at the end of the song really defines the genre this band is playing. Post-hardcore at its best. The vocal style really reminds me of A Skylit Drive’s Michael Jagmin.   Malaysia...

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