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Borak Good Vibes #9: Public School

I was told that I will be able to meet two members of the Public School collective at the famous Pasar TTDI. Luckily, I was a fan of wet markets – because hey, if you want to see leaders of your neighborhood households marching about with the freshest items one can find, this is the place. But the question that was playing in my mind was, why are they operating at a Pasar? My colleague and I wandered around until we saw a young female in her 20s, who may not look like she was there to buy groceries....

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Good Vibes Festival: Potential Setlists

Good Vibes Festival is around the corner! I’ve been waiting for this moment for months, can’t believe i’m only a few days away from watching my favourite bands live. I’m pretty sure you are as excited as I am. I’m also pretty sure you got the stuff on your checklist ready (outfits, makeup look,  Spotify playlist etc) While we’re at it, I’ve put together some possible setlists from the act’s’ latest shows you could refer to feed your excitement!   PHOENIX   5 August 2017 – Stade Deferrari, Bandol AOC, France   Ti Amo Lasso Entertainment Lisztomania J-Boy Trying...

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Borak Good Vibes #8: Killeur Calculateur

I was assigned to interview one of the local bands that introduced me to old school hardcore. During the Valley of the Dead days, I still remember seeing a Killeur Calculateur gig poster just outside of my first ever jamming session in a dodgy studio in Shah Alam. It’s been years and now, Killeur Calculateur are considered legends by many, and at least by me.   On a rainy Friday night, I drove down to SS15, where the devil sleeps in between the cars in the unbearable traffic congestion. There, members of KC, Smek and Ali Jo were already...

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