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NEW RELEASE: Breakin’ Point by Peter, Bjorn and John

By A. Akbar Swedish Trio Peter, Bjorn and John are back for another round of poppy whistling hits with their brand new release, “Breakin’ Point”. Known for the song “Young Folks”, Peter, Bjorn and John are bracing themselves for a return to the limelight with an album with the same name as their new track. Hit your Breakin‘ Point by listening to the track...

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You Can Now Get Pitahati’s album in CD form!

By A. Akbar Malaysian psychedelic kings Pitahati released an absolute masterpiece of an album a few months ago that left us bedazzled by the composition, quality, and the richness of the record. The record, which included songs from Terbaik Dari Langit featuring Bront Palarae, was initially released only for vinyl, but just recently was made available in the compact disc format that’s available at selected stores near you. Here’s the list of stores: Teenage Head Records, Subang Jaya Crossroads Records, Kota Damansara Rawk of Ages, Campbell Complex Projek Rabak Gallery, Wisma Gallery Enjoy this song and Selamat Datang ke...

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Interview: Darren Teh of An Honest Mistake

Hi Darren! AHM has been through quite a few lineup changes in the past few years- the most recent one being the departure of your former co-vocalist, Ashley Chan. Has it been hard on the band to quickly transition through so many members, and has that had an effect on the band’s sound? I think we’ve been through this not once but probably 4 to 5 times now. Various members leaving and being replaced. It’s become a ‘thing’. I guess everyone’s betting who’s going next? Haha. But yeah. Having members leave is never fun. Ashley was a good addition...

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