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R U Tough Enough? Is Back Again For “The Ultimate Edition”

By Yue Lynn KIX HD (Astro Channel 729) cordially invites Malaysians of various backgrounds to audition for the fourth R U Tough Enough?. This year’s competition will assemble ten fresh contestants to participate in The Ultimate Edition face-off hosted by returning ambassador, international MMA champion, actor and model Peter Davis. The ten competitors will undergo a series of demanding challenges which will test their physical, mental and emotional endurances to obtain the golden opportunity of being “Malaysia’s Toughest” for 2017 and winning up to RM30,000. Besides gaining monetary rewards and bragging rights, this year’s R U Tough Enough?: The...

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Season Review: Marvel’s The Defenders

  I was anticipating Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ so much, that on the day of the premiere, I readied myself in my bed, brought out food and stole my friend’s Netflix account (I’m sorry I’m cheap) and proceeded to not move for 8 hours as I consumed and digested what was going on. ⅓ of the day in and a massive neck sprain later, The Defenders left me a little bit on the short end of the stick. I wanted something more to chew on, more to absorb, but ultimately didn’t get quite what I was looking for. Of course,...

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Review: The Dark Tower + Possibility of a TV Series!

The only redeeming feature of The Dark Tower – casting Idris Elba. Rating: 5/10 As someone who has read Stephen King’s The Gunslinger, I felt that The Dark Tower was nothing more than a generic fantasy with no soul. Whatever Nikolaj Arcel and the three other screenplay writers did, it was clearly a disaster. With early test screens being too confusing to the test audiences, multiple reshoots and post-production issues – this much hyped movie has been plagued with trouble. So, it was with no massive surprise that a) this movie was not released early to the critics and...

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