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Where are the chimichangas? It’s our Deadpool review!

Geeks everywhere, rest easy. For we have seen with our own eyes the light and are pleased to report that Deadpool is really, really good. For comic book fans, Deadpool was the movie Marvel would never make – the comics featuring the character were crude, outrageously violent, occasionally insane, and always entertaining. Directed by Tim Miller in his first feature film debut, Deadpool the movie is brimming with sharp dialogue, hilarious character moments, and great chemistry not just between the leads, but also with members of the supporting cast. Star Ryan Reynolds seems determined to exorcize the demons of The...

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There’s a Pokemon game using Tekken’s engine, Pokken Tournament

This is definitely something Pokemon fans are looking forward to. Pokken Tournament, is a fighting in which two players battle using various Pokemon, with gameplay similar to the classic, Tekken. Now this is an upgrade for fans who have followed the franchise since the Gameboy Color days with Pokemon Yellow and Blue, up to the Nintendo DS era with Pokemon White and Black. Unfortunately for fans, its only on Arcade and Nintendo Wii. That will absolutely raise some eyebrows. We’re on to you Nintendo. Nevertheless, the game looks great and the company is not writing off any possibilities of...

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