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Our 5 Trailer Picks From New York Comic Con 2017

By Yue Lynn – The recently concluded New York Comic Con (NYCC) was a pop culture blast, whetting eager fans’ appetite for geek and pop culture shenanigans. On top of that, a slew of AAA movie and TV show trailers are always released during the convention. Fortunately, the trailers this year certainly did not disappoint, so we rounded up FIVE trailers that got us hyped for their movies at NYCC! JUSTICE LEAGUE Oh, hey, Superman finally made an appearance in a Justice League trailer! And there’s Wonder Woman and her gang of super friends! Much hype, not that wow;...

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#ICYMI Top of The Lake: China Girl impresses in the BBC Player

The award-winning, critically acclaimed miniseries, ‘Top of the Lake’ returns with it’s second installment and is available on the multi-streaming, Video-On-Demand app, the BBC Player. Top of the Lake: China Girl is a thrilling sequel to it’s first installment, directed by award-winning director Jane Campion with their impressive line of casts featuring Nicole Kidman, Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men), Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones) and more. The second season follows life in the perspective of Detective Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss) whom recently returned to Sydney to try rebuilding her life. While finding the killer of an Asian girl who was...

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Twitter Had A Meltdown From ‘The Ting Goes’ Meme

PA PA KA KA KA Memes are a beautiful thing. It’s simple, light hearted humour that doesn’t necessarily make sense that’s very easy to understand, but incredibly difficult to explain. Luckily, the explanation needn’t be had as much of the internet is in sync with what the meme means, so when Big Shaq went into the studio on BBC 1Xtra to perform his freestyle rap, the Twitterverse blew up. Without further ado, we’ve compiled some of the best ones that we found on Twitter thus far.   me: gently adds fries into the pot the oil: — pee...

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