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5 Ways to Fix The DCEU

The Justice League movie has come and gone, and by all accounts, it’s a critical and commercial failure. With the movie raking in only US$96 million in it’s opening week, drastically underperforming expectations and definitely netting a huge financial loss for Warner Bros (it’s reported the studio sank $300 million into the movie – before marketing). Diehard DC fans have made the same arguments against the wave of critical disapproval, but the numbers don’t lie – all over the world, 40-50% of people who watched the ill-received Batman v Superman did not return to watch Justice League despite the...

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FOX Movies and Foodpanda Themed Packages

FOX movies, the No.1 Hollywood Movie Channel, launches Nights of Incredible: 17 premieres with 44 iconic Hollywood blocks movies over 61 nights from now to December. You can watch your favourite movie blockbuster premieres such as Beauty and the Beast, Logan, Hacksaw Ridge and more every Saturday night at 10pm on FOX movies Astro CH 413 and 433. In addition to this, FOX movies has collaborated with Foodpanda to celebrate the launch of Nights of Incredible. They are also working with a selection of restaurants including Salad Atelier, Canadian Pizza, Madame Waffle, Bowery Petite, KGB, Sakae Sushi and Penyet...

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Disney announces Rian Johnson-led new Star Wars Trilogy

The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson must’ve impressed with the forthcoming film, because Disney has just given him the keys to a brand new Star Wars trilogy, set in a different corner of space from the mainline series. Reaffirming Disney’s pride in Johnson’s work, Disney said in a statement through that, “In shepherding this new trilogy, which is separate from the episodic Skywalker saga, Johnson will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored.” No further details have been revealed at this time. Johnson’s The Last Jedi is set to premiere...

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Movie Review – Thor: Ragnarok (No Spoilers)

Thor: Ragnarok is a delightful brainless film by a relatively budding New Zealand director named Taika Waititi. With its bright colours and tongue in cheek humour, I can’t help but feel this is a discounted Guardians of the Galaxy. Though in truth, this movie is almost wholly Waititi’s creation and style of humour. Filled with great wit and characters burning each other with great retorts, this feels like a more sophisticated version of Guardians of the Galaxy’s humor. This actually feels like a movie that Millennials would enjoy. As a highly stylized film that sets itself apart from the...

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