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Where are the chimichangas? It’s our Deadpool review!

Geeks everywhere, rest easy. For we have seen with our own eyes the light and are pleased to report that Deadpool is really, really good. For comic book fans, Deadpool was the movie Marvel would never make – the comics featuring the character were crude, outrageously violent, occasionally insane, and always entertaining. Directed by Tim Miller in his first feature film debut, Deadpool the movie is brimming with sharp dialogue, hilarious character moments, and great chemistry not just between the leads, but also with members of the supporting cast. Star Ryan Reynolds seems determined to exorcize the demons of The...

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Chris Rock confronts race row head-on at Oscars

HOLLYWOOD: Oscars host Chris Rock hit early and hard Sunday on a race row overshadowing Hollywood’s biggest night, mercilessly ribbing both the movie industry and its critics. The comedian wasted no time raising the controversy over the 88th Academy Awards’ lack of African American acting nominees, addressing the issue from his first words and discussing virtually nothing else in his monologue. “Hey! Well, I’m here at the Academy Awards — otherwise known as the white People’s Choice awards,” he said, after joking that the introductory montage had at least 15 black people. Rock questioned why the 88th edition of...

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‘Fantastic Four’ fights ‘Fifty Shades’ to a tie at the Razzies

Razzie Awards are given out every year as a kind of anti-award for the worst films to come out that year, and no one really wants to win one. Let’s face it, Fifty Shades of Grey was a shoo-in for a Razzie, given that it’s described as a “warped, disturbingly abusive adult fairy tale” by The Film Stage. BUT- it faced stern competition from a marvelous competitor that also earned universal hate for it’s dull, humorless, and disjointed adaptation of the beloved First Family of Comics, The Fantastic Four. Or was it the Fant4stic? There was so much hope for the film-...

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‘Deadpool’ eclipses ‘Gods of Egypt’ at the box office

LOS ANGELES: Superhero blockbuster “Deadpool” dominated the North American box office over Oscar weekend, beating out the fantasy epic “Gods of Egypt,” which staged a disappointing second-place debut, industry estimates showed Sunday. Starring Ryan Reynolds as a Marvel Comics character, “Deadpool” took in an estimated $31.5 million, industry tracker Exhibitor Relations said. That gives the film a projected total of $286 million after it clocked the fastest rise of any R-rated movie in history following its debut three weeks ago. “Gods of Egypt” — which had a production budget of $140 million in hopes it would launch a new...

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They’re a no-show: Major movies banned in Malaysia

BY JAFWAN JAAFAR of FREE MALAYSIA TODAY The King and I, 1956 Innocuous, featherweight film adaptation of Rogers & Hammerstein’s Broadway behemoth, based on the 1860s shenanigans of Anna Leonowens, governess of the epically-fertile King of Siam’s 82 offspring. Starring big kahunas Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr, the musical spawned earworms like “Getting To Know You” and snagged 5 Oscars. Cause for offense: None, actually. The film was banned simply for causing b***hurt to the authorities of neighboring Thailand, who declared ‘The King and I’ “illegal” based on an inflexible 1930 lese majeste law. Official reason for ban:...

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