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Dell releases new line, plus new Alienware computers and VR tech

By Jeremy Say Dell launches its new mid range of computers and its pro gaming brand Alienware’s top notch gaming laptops, and they look beautiful. Dell has finally come round the potential of bridging that middle ground in performance and price between cheap computers and those massively expensive gaming rigs. As Raymond Wah, senior vice president of Consumer Marketing at Dell said, “The latest addition to the XPS and Inspiron lines with industry leading InfinityEdge displays blend performance and portability and deliver the viewing experience Dell is renowned for.” We also get to celebrate Alienware’s 20th year of bringing...

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Samsung SMART TV now comes with unlimited HyppTV

By Jeremy Say Samsung Malaysia Electronics have partnered with TM for free unlimited HyppTV. How does it work you ask? Well Samsung and HyppTv have developed the HyppTV Everywhere App for Samsung Tizen platforms for all Samsung SMART TVs. Anyone who purchases any of Samsung’s SMART TV models will be eligible to have unlimited access to HyppTV. It doesn’t even matter if you’re an existing TM user or not- you get to enjoy 41 HD channels and some of the latest movies in the comfort of your own home. The catch is that customers need to purchase a selected...

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iPhone 7 Plus’ camera vs. Sports Photography

By Matt Liew Apple unveiled iPhone 7 last week, and the world over has been obsessed with how Apple decided to “bravely” remove the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, the resulting media shitstorm and memes overshadowed the mind-boggling advancements made to the iPhone 7 Plus’ camera system. I’ll spare you the pain of going over the changes here (you can easily look it up, anyways), but while the list of advancements rattled off at the keynote may have seemed insignificant to the average joe, I found it telling that professional photographers on my social media were collectively freaking out over...

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