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Tekken 7 – So Near yet so Far

By Jeremy Say TEKKEN 7 will be launching on June 2, 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC via Steam. The company is touting it as the next big step for fighting games aficionados – big words, but considering Street Fighter V failed to step up, it’s more than plausible. Supposedly, TEKKEN 7 for the home console and PC even surpases its arcade counterpart by offering more balances and fine tuning, a dramatic story mode, online tournament modes and of course more characters. Boy do I feel old when I can still remember the eight original...

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Magic the Gathering: Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur Day 2 – Grand Finals

By Koh Tshek Zen & Jeremy Say The final day of Grand Prix KL is has arrived. Over 200 players battle intensely for a spot in the Top 8 of the main event. The top 8 players will qualify for an invitation to the next prestigious Pro Tour event which is the Pro Tour Aether Revolt at Dublin in February. Meanwhile, things have gotten livelier at the hall with many side events firing off in succession throughout the day. On-demand draft in particular had 80 draft pods by the end of the day, doubling the total amount of drafts...

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Thoughts From The Co-Developer of Final Fantasy XV – Malaysia’s Streamline Studios

By Jeremy Say Veteran Malaysian game developers Streamline Studios had announced their co-development with Square Enix on AAA title Final Fantasy XV early in July this year. They have already been in the business for 15 years and have an impressive track record working on big titles such as: Gears of War, Bioshock Infinite, and Street Fighter V. Alexander L. Fernandez, CEO of Streamline Studios, had this to say at a media briefing today: “Streamline prides itself on constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries to become one of the world’s leaders in global game development. We’ve invested in creating...

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