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Grinding For Gear World 2 Dungeon 3: Halloween Loot

By Yue Lynn, Hannah Azlan, Yasmin Newman & Jeremy Say – We are back with our Grinding For Gear column! It’s October and what does this mean? Beer and Halloween! But to keep everyone SFW (sober for work) and on their toes, we will instead be focusing on trick-or-treating some stuff for our Halloweenie celebration. Remember, stare thirstily, spend wisely. Catch our last episode here, it contains a bunch of comics staring female leads that could kick anyone’s ass. figma HUNTER (BLOODBORNE) Photo Credit: Note: “Purchases of figma Hunter from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a...

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Grinding For Gear World 2 Dungeon 1

We are back with more goodies! By Yue Lynn, Yasmin Newman and Jeremy Say Welcome back to “Grinding For Gear”! We are now in our Season 2, so to avoid the whole “Sophomore Slump” situation, we have employ a Support card on our deck to ‘magic’ anything shady away. Jinxes, hexes and potions aside, we will be filling this column with cool geek-related gears for you to grind and throw credits at. Remember, stare thirstily, spend wisely.  ★Sukeban★ Limited Edition Print Photo Credit: Yue Lynn: This is merely one of the few fantastic prints EASY DEMONS CLUB® have...

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Magic: The Gathering – Ixalan

Magic: The Gathering - Ixalan is here! Magic: The Gathering – Ixalan Is Available Starting From 23rd September via Prerelease Events In Malaysia By Yue Lynn Rejoice, Planeswalkers! Wizards of the Coast has announced the release of Magic: The Gathering – Ixalan, a fantasy set filled with pirates, vampires, merfolk and dinosaurs! This means that players can teleport themselves to any of the prerelease events taking place in Malaysia on the 23rd and 24th of September to experience the, ahem, magic. Find a local shop near you here. FOUR FACTIONS “Your travels have brought you to Ixalan, a world...

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