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Monsoon-Proof Your Makeup

Monsoon season, i.e. one of the only seasons we tropical citizens actually have, wreaks havoc on my face. Not only am I a girl with an oily complexion, but the combination of blazing heat, humidity and torrential rain has the potential to ruin my look and leave me looking like the saddest, bedraggled rat ever. Fear not, I have a few tips for keeping your lewk intact despite having to brave the storm. If they can work for this oil slick, they’ll work for you. Invest in waterproof formulas This one’s a bit of a no brainer – waterproof...

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In My Kit: Colourpop #KaePop Collection Review

We’ve all been there: you’re sad, your bank account isn’t looking too sad and you spend money. My sad shopping spree happened to coincide with Colourpop Cosmetics’ free international shipping sale AND if you spent over a certain amount, you would get a free highlighter. Guess who got three highlighters, but that’s not what we’re going into. #KaePop by Karreuche was a recent collection by Colourpop, a California-based makeup brand that’s known for their trendy colors at low prices. The insta-famous model chose colors that would impart her #nofilter glow IRL. Unlike the exorbitantly priced Kylie Lip Kits, each...

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Hannah’s Holiday 2016 Guide: Makeup

So, it was my birthday recently and I’m a bit of a makeup junkie. If you’ve got a girl (of any age: your mom, your girlfriend, your sister, your friend) and she likes makeup, I am here to save your butt with the best of the Holiday 2016 makeup selections. Granted, girls – you can send this to your man for some not so subliminal hinting, or go out there and buy stuff like the independent woman you are. Whatever it is, I’ll have your makeup #onfleek. Sometimes, I want to be lazy and just use my fingers to...

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Cruelty-Free Makeup! What That Means, Why You Should Buy Into It.

Hello, hello. I’m back again with a makeup article. Once upon a time, I was in a writing program called UnRepresented KL and one of my cohort members was a staunch animal activist. She’s an amazing photographer and absolutely beautiful, and she asked me about cruelty-free makeup. Now, I don’t have compunctions about my makeup but you might. With the rise of homegrown organic brands, and all-natural products that treat your face right – you might as well join in and keep the theme going while you get your face beat. If your products are cruelty-free, that means that...

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Skin Care Basics: An Ode To A Clearer Complexion

I’ve dated a lot of different guys over the years, and the one thing they’re stunned by (aside from the insane amount of effort it takes to put my face on) is the amount of time I’ve invested in skincare. I’ll be honest, I don’t have great skin – it’s oily, I have active acne and hyperpigmentation, and due to inheriting eczema and allergies – I got the final step in the trifecta: dark circles (these things are co-morbid). Through time and effort, I’ve gotten better skin and I want to show you the basics of a skincare routine....

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