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The Makeup Starter Kit: Lip Edition

We’re back with another starter kit on makeup, and this time around – it’s about lip products! I’m a sucker for a bold lip (and a dark lip, and a nude lip), but as always – I’ve gotten input from a couple of people, so major shout outs to Luna, Sophie and all the people who have given input via Twitter over the last couple of days! As always, Your Milage May Vary so our recommendations may not work for you. Have fun, and try new things! Step One: Primers, Liners and Lip Balm   Now, there’s a lot...

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The Makeup Starter Kit – Base Products

Hey everyone, so The Level MY wanted me to start writing more fashion and beauty-related articles. I figured I’d kick that off with a starter article on makeup! Now, I’ve been messing around with makeup for about 10 years. Looking back at a couple of my old photos makes me want to cringe into oblivion (and before you ask, I’ve deleted most of those photos off my Instagram and Facebook. Those photos should never see the light of day ever again). This is where this article comes in. We’re going to talk about base products in this series, and...

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NEUTROGENA Releases Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam

In today’s world, we’re all about minimising and making life way more streamlined. We also want products that pull through for us, like makeup that lasts all day. Hardcore formulas need some serious double cleansing though, and that’s a bit of a pain at the end of a long day. That’s why Neutrogena’s released their Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam, an all-in-one smart cleanser that removes makeup and cleanses in one go. The 2-in-1 formula is touted to remove makeup, dirt and oil in one fell swoop, thus eliminating the need for separate products (and more money spent)....

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