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MAC Cosmetics x Lazada Malaysia: Official Flagship Store Launches Today!

It’s a great day for those of us who a) love makeup and b) love staying home – international brand MAC Cosmetics launches their online store today, exclusively on Lazada! Whether you’re looking for your standbys or limited edition collaborations – they’ve got it. Right now, they’re stocking the Nicki Minaj collection – alongside a number of discounts, deals and so much more. A makeup lover’s dream! Hint, here’s a deal for you: pick up MAC’s Prep + Prime Lip base and pair it with any of the following cult favorite lipstick shades (Ruby Woo, Please Me, Kinda Sexy,...

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Fairer Is Not Better: Wake Up Malaysia

Dear Malaysia, it’s me – Hannah. Are you listening? This ad offends me immensely. Even though we’ve gone through hoops and hurdles in an attempt to destroy the internalized hate against those (and those of us) who have darker skin tones, we still have ads like this. Didn’t click the link? Let me summarize it for you: Video makers Kokom shot a campaign for Slimme White, a small bottle that promises to make you both slimmer and paler. According to the video, Slimme White works miracles: rework your face and body, make your b*stard of an ex-husband miss you,...

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9 Bizarre Beauty Trends That Make No Sense To Me

By Yasmin Newman The internet today supplies us with the most up-to-date trends. Best of all, it brings us the craziest of beauty trends around the world and it seems that the stranger they are, the more popular they are: 1)    Let’s talk brows: Thick and full eyebrows are the in thing now, and soon after that, Squiggle brows occurred on instagram. As if that wasn’t weird enough, just take a look at all the other brow trends that have emerged. We already have the squiggle brows, but what emerged out of that is just too extra. I’ll stick...

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5 Things You Need To Pick Up From Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty hit our shores two weeks ago, and the launch was insane. That being said, two weeks is enough time for reviews to go up and hype to build – right? Fenty has scored tons of positive reviews, with many praising the wide variety of skin tone foundations available for all types of skin type and colour. I’m sure some of you have already spent your hard earned cash on some of these products to experience this revolution (seriously, other brands are following in Fenty’s footsteps with the skin tone variety). I know I did. RiRi knows exactly...

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