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A Wishlist of Things I Want From H&M Beauty

I bet you’ve heard the news – H&M Beauty is finally reaching our shores in the next few months! Affordable beauty from our favourite fast fashion retailer? Yes. So much yes. The range features over 1,000 products, and we’re getting the premium body care and the ‘Conscious’ ranges too. I mean, that’s where my pay check might go. That being said, here’s a list of the H&M Beauty products I’m totally looking forward to:   Eye Shadow Pencil in Mauve Over Darling In today’s fast paced world, it’s a lot of go go go and that means, I don’t...

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PRETTY SUCI, Pretty Halal Produk Kecantikan.

By Adani Bakhtiar, destinasi kecantikan dan penjagaan kulit terbaru khusus untuk produk-produk Halal telah dilancarkan beberapa bulan yang lalu. Idea di sebalik penubuhan perniagaan ini lahir daripada dua usahawan wanita yang gemar akan produk kecantikan yang Halal, dan menawarkan pelbagai produk bukan sahaja dari Malaysia, bahkan dari serata dunia seperti Australia, USA, Taiwan, Korea dan Indonesia. Beberapa jenama telah mendapat sambutan hangat dari pengguna di negara masing-masing, seperti, Naelofa dan Marcella + Co (Malaysia), Naveen (Taiwan), Kester Black (Australia), Tom’s Of Maine (USA). Dengan himpunan pelbagai jenama kosmetik dari dalam dan luar negara, destinasi atas talian ini berharap...

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Omorose Cosmetics: Local Brand Featured At Cannes Film Festival 2017

(2) Omorose Esme¦üe Bag for International Celebrities (1) Omorose Booth at DPA Cannes Gifting Lounge 2017 Arash Marandi – Actor of A Girl Walks Home At Night Malaysia’s been upping their beauty game with homegrown brands putting out innovative products every so often. Malaysian brand Omorose Cosmetics has proven their worth in the international arena, as they made a debut during this year’s Cannes Film Festival in France. Daphne¦ü Patakia – Actress of Interruption Dave McCary (in black) – Director of Brigsby Bear Euzhan Palcy – Film Director of A Dry White Season Omorose Cosmetics caught the eye of...

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REVIEW: KinderSoaps – Botanical Ingredients For Sensitive Skin

By Hannah Azlan Disclaimer: Products were received for review, but that does not influence my review in any way. KinderSoaps has a tagline: kindness comes naturally. Their products definitely showcase that philosophy through and through. Read on for a quick review! I received three soaps for review, but I’ll be focusing on the Goat Milk and Patchouli and Teselli soaps. After almost six months to test both, I can definitely give a (relatively) all-rounded review. For context, I have somewhat sensitive skin and eczema. I’m also combination-oily. KinderSoaps was founded with the founder’s daughter in mind – a child...

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Omorose AINGEAL: Colour Neutraliser & Highlighter Launches in Malaysia

By Hannah Azlan We’re tired, we’re busy and make up is a girl’s best friend. That being said, even the best skin has imperfections: uneven complexions, under-eye circles and redness. Ultimately, we’re looking to conceal these imperfections and that’s how the art of colour correction comes in. Inspired by the need to to achieve a flawless complexion, the home-grown Omorose Cosmetics unveiled a revolutionary product: Omorose AINGEAL – a colour neutraliser with SPF 35++ UVA/UVB protection; designed to hide skin imperfections such as redness, sallowness, skin discolouration and pigmentation. Colour correctional products function as concealer’s best friend (and secret...

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