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13 Amazingly Terrible Halloween Pick Up Lines

Halloween’s around the corner, and if you’re having issues finding someone spooktacular for your undead shindig – you might have luck with these pickup lines. Maybe you won’t impress anyone with these kitschy lines, but you might be able to get a laugh from them (or raise them from the dead). DISCLAIMER: The Level MY is not responsible for any bodily or emotional harm that may be incurred by these lines. Please use these lines responsibly. I don’t know what the trick is, but you are definitely a treat. I don’t have a Halloween costume, but could I go...

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Why Are Millennials Not Dating?

Get this: dating site esync conducted a dating survey and apparently, 65% of respondents polled haven’t gone on a single date in the last month. Not great news, considering that we’re flooded with options in the smartphone era – dating sites, apps, matchmakers, so on and so forth. The question right now is: why aren’t millennials dating? Dating, first thing, is an expensive extracurricular. With inflation on the rise and our salaries going in the opposite direction – do we really have time to spend money on other people? We barely make enough for ourselves. That being said, we...

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Modern Romance: A Glossary of 10 Tinder-Era Dating Terms

I was supposed to write an article on why millennials aren’t dating, but all the stats tend to skew very Western. That being said, while going through endless Google search pages – I came across a couple of dating terms. I’m sure the concepts aren’t new, but the slang is. I’m starting to feel old. Also, dating is hard and people are a**holes. That being said, these terms only really started appearing colloquially once dating apps like Tinder came on the scene. Sure, some of these are terms you’ve heard or read about in some agony aunt dating column...

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5 Cheap Dates For Broke Millennials

Get this people, matchmaking app JustDating just released the results of a survey – and it’s interesting. Malaysian men and women talking about their dating experiences, and after a cross-comparison of the number of dates per week and monthly salaries – over 50% of respondents who say they go on more than 5 dates per week had monthly salaries over RM6,000. That’s in direct contrast for respondents who only went on one date a week, they averaged out at RM2,000. Damn. As millennials, we don’t make a lot of money since most of us haven’t been in the workforce...

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Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too: 5 Modern Fetishes

  As a millennial, I grew up with the Internet. Admittedly, I started way back when it was Jaring dial-up and Windows 95 – but you get my drift. Rule 34 dictates that if it exists, there’s porn of it and wow, things are looking freaky these days. Thank you, Scott and Jeremy for getting me to write this listicle. Between crowdsourcing this s–t on Facebook, scouring Reddit and other online sources – I am officially traumatised. I can’t even. My head can’t wrap around half of this stuff and I’ve learnt these two things for sure: a) I’m...

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