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Hatta Dolmat Bridal 2016: Déesse de L’Or Collection

Local designer Hatta Dolmat has released their 2016 Wedding Collection, Déesse de L’Or. The collection name, meaning ‘goddess of gold’ was inspired by golden desert sand and seeks to embody the women of this era. As a bridal collection, everything has been planned down to the minute detail – including material choices, colour and silhouette choices. Lace, tulle and glittering fabrics were chosen to honour the beauty of the desert while nude hues are in line with modern Western bridal choices. Hatta Dolmat has also released several packages alongside the launch of this collection. Appointments can be made by...

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The Look: “Lipslap”-Inspired Harajuku Look with Daiso Accessories

by Jo Yee Daiso – The mecca of RM 5.00 (Now RM5.30, thanks gomen) Japanese goodies, plays host to cheapskate fashionistas like me who go on a bi-monthly pilgrimage to not only get my fill of fashion and makeup products, but also to the super cute yet not-really-necessary household items I tend to hoard – like cute stationeries to food tupperware (Strawberry-shaped lunch boxes?! Don’t need them but YASSS!!!)     Recently after watching Kero Kero Bonito’s latest music video, “Lipslap”, I’ve been obsessed over one thing: The power-packed, eclectic style of Sarah Midori Perry, the lead singer of...

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