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Boost x UTM Bring You The First Cashless Campus

Ever been in a situation where you’ve forgotten your wallet on campus? You can’t buy food, print out things for your assignments, and all the typical student problems that come with not having money on you. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia won’t have that problem, since they’ve partnered with Boost – an app-based innovative mobile wallet. Malaysia’s first Cashless Campus now has all 25,000 students and faculty members across the UTM Kuala Lumpur and Skudai campuses being able to use the mobile wallet as a single mode of payment for all on-campus purchases. UTM is breaking ground by going fully cashless...

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Sunway Theme Parks Appoints Chief of the Wildlife Heroes

By Hannah Azlan Step aside Jane Goodall, Sunway Theme Parks has appointed Anna Huggel, 12, as Chief to lead the Wildlife Heroes in completing their tasks. In August, the heroes gathered for the first time at Sunway Lost World of Tambun. Between learning survival skills and embarking on a night trek exploration, they were also tasked to pick and create an enrichment plan for an animal – to be shared at the 3rd and 4th Council meetings. Sunway Lagoon played host for the 2nd Council meeting, where the Wildlife Heroes spent three days learning the A – Zs of...

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Bullying – Why it Matters!

Bullying has always been a matter that many have swept under the rug at one point or another. As most would like to believe, bullying generally has been thought of as taking place between children at school. However, bullying can take many forms in the workplaces, at home and even via digital means, which we all referred to as cyberbullying.   Growing up being bullied has always been a struggle and one is an issue we wish to address. It’s already been known that childhood bullying has long lasting effect on one’s life. With a higher risk of mental health...

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The Face of Mental Illness

By Hannah Azlan With all the ongoing discussion on mental health, it’s important to note that there is no specific type of person who can have a mental health issue. Recently, my sister got told by a fellow classmate that she was too pretty to have anxiety. This sparked a huge debate about perception within male dominated courses; however, that isn’t the subject of today’s column. Today, we’re talking about mental health. There’s a marked difference between high-functioning and low-functioning mental illness. It’s the difference between the stereotype of someone admitted to the mental ward, and to someone who...

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A Malaysian Take On #metoo

In light of the recent Harvey Weinstein case, thousands of women have taken to the internet with the hashtag #metoo to show solidarity and to expose their plight at the hands of sexual predators. That being said, it’s not only women – and it also shows that this is a rampant issue regardless of gender, frequently swept under the rug. Of course, the issue in itself has its share of backlash with users being brigaded by #NotAllMen apologists and others angrily decrying the hashtag, asking the greater world wide web why survivors have to relive their trauma in order...

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