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Farah Ann Announced as Gillette Venus Brand Ambassador Alongside New Product Launch

This week, the Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea razor was launched in Malaysia, alongside an announcement of its first local brand ambassador; the Malaysian SEA Games artistic gymnastics gold medalist, Farah Ann Abdul Hadi. It’s been designed with built-in moisture bars – you’re getting a smooth shave without the shaving cream. Rich body butters and a fresh tropical scent accompany the three curve-hugging blades and an ergonomic handle, made for a woman’s grip. You’re now going to get a close, comfortable shave on even the most sensitive skin, with a reduction in the risk that it’ll slip in the...

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About A Look: #HYPEBAE

Welcome back to About A Look, where we dress up and we show you our interpretations of the theme! That being said, this week’s theme is hypebae – so named after the female-focused offshoot of streetwear site Hypebeast. Streetwear is a very personal style, but unfortunately – the majority of streetwear brands are targeted at men. More and more women are getting on the trend now, what with the advent of athleisure as socially acceptable and other sportswear inspired silhouettes. Now, on with the show! Yasmin, 18 Intern Let me start off by saying that this #AboutALook theme this...

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A Malaysian Take On #metoo

In light of the recent Harvey Weinstein case, thousands of women have taken to the internet with the hashtag #metoo to show solidarity and to expose their plight at the hands of sexual predators. That being said, it’s not only women – and it also shows that this is a rampant issue regardless of gender, frequently swept under the rug. Of course, the issue in itself has its share of backlash with users being brigaded by #NotAllMen apologists and others angrily decrying the hashtag, asking the greater world wide web why survivors have to relive their trauma in order...

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WomenFest 2017: An Experience

Right, it’s the first week of November which means that Pink October is over. Don’t stop fighting the good fight (against breast cancer). That being said, the MATRADE building over on Jalan Duta played host last weekend to WomenFest – a shopping and lifestyle festival aimed at women, and the first of its kind in Malaysia. With over 100 local brands featured, it was certainly An Experience (capitals required). I consider myself pretty good with conventions and festivals. Earlier this year, I attended Good Vibes Festival up in Genting Highlands – which was definitely a first for me. I’ve...

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Chill Chill x BCWA Brings Out The Big Guns For The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Hey, it’s October! You know what that means? It’s breast cancer awareness month. That being said, it’s time for you (and your loved ones) to go for your check ups, and do some reading up. That being said, I hear you – going for a checkup might be kind of intimidating. Just chill out, local brand Chill Chill and the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA) have got you covered. BCWA’s bringing out the big guns to promote breast health awareness so their Mobile Unit Reaching Nationwide with Information (Murni) will be carrying out free clinical breast examinations! You...

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