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#MillennialMaternity: 5 Things I’ve Learned After Having A Baby

By Hannah Azlan Recently, my articles for The Level have been sporadic – and there’s a good reason for that. I’m now a mother to a two month old baby boy. Maternity is my newest adventure, and my coworkers have unanimously agreed that my take on maternity is a) hilarious and b) deserving of its own column. Thanks guys. Instead of attempting to condense all my pregnancy-related ranting into a coherent article, let me kick this off by telling you five things I’ve learned since welcoming my son into the world. Maternity Leave is Not Maternity Leave I thought...

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Tanya Chua Releases ‘Times Have Changed’, Outlines Society’s Expectations For Women

By Hannah Azlan Last weekend, we celebrated the superwomen in our lives – mothers, grandmothers, and maternal figures. Looking at them, we know how much they’ve done for us and the way they’ve raised us. We know it wasn’t easy. Now, you could argue that women have it better these days – we’re afforded more rights and generally, more equality than the generations before us. That being said, there’s always those invisible rules that bind us – societal expectations, gender constructs, etcetera ad nauseum. Our friends over at Viddsee pointed us in the direction of this video, a sweet...

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Mrs. Malaysia Asia 2017 – A Transformative Journey

By Hannah Azlan 15 women remain in the running to be crowned Mrs. Malaysia Asia International 2017 after a stringent 2-stage audition process. The pageant is in its 7th year, looking to find the next “Mrs.” to represent Malaysia on the world stage. The next Mrs. Asia International 2017 Beauty Pageant is being held in Shanghai, China and screened on the renowned China Dragon TV. To prepare for this role, the finalists have been busy brushing up on much needed skills for the final event. Amber Chia serves as their mentor, teaching them exactly what it takes to get...

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What They Never Told You About Being A Millennial Mom

By Michelle Lau Being pregnant almost looks glamorous. If you’re a celebrity, that is. With the advancement of the Internet, we have so many resources at our fingertips but we don’t often have open, honest conversations about sex, pregnancy and all the things that come with it. Look at the recent case in Penang: the commentary on social media and the backlash is… admittedly horrifying. You have men pressuring women not to use condoms, stigma of judgy pharmacists to get morning after pills + hormone shots are mad expensive. — azlyn balqis (@lynfunkstar) April 12, 2017 I’m a...

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Libresse Launches ‘Let’s Get Real’ Campaign, Challenges Period Myths

This week, Libresse launched their ‘Let’s Get Real’ campaign to raise awareness and encourage women to rethink the reality depicted in sanitary pad ads, as well as their period experiences. Think about it: all the women skipping around in joy, laughing and dancing while wearing all-white outfits? How realistic can that even be? This campaign gives women a platform to start conversation on the topic while dispelling the myth of it being a taboo subject. Using a series of online polls that attracted more than 5000 respondents, Libresse brings you honest consumer insights that acknowledge the challenges and hardships...

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