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The Aesthetic: Millennial Pink

By Hannah Azlan Our generation is defined by a color, and that color is Millennial Pink. Named for its capacity to define a generation, this strangely androgynous balance of profound and petty is selling things like hotcakes and doesn’t seem to be going away. Of course, contrary to the stereotypically masculine aversion to pink – this color is appearing on both genders, and thus this week’s edition of The Aesthetic is dedicated to things men and women could use. IKEA KORNIG Some of us are beginning to move into – or already have moved into – our own places....

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#thirstday: Why Do Malaysian Women Prefer Western Men?

Considering Malaysia’s inherent ability to fetishize the Westerner as a more cultured, refined type of person in comparison to the Asian plebeian – it comes as no surprise that a number of Malaysian women enter relationships with Western men. Malaysians being the vitriolic, angst-ridden people that we are, have a tendency to alternate between demonizing the women who enter these relationships – claiming that they’re nothing more than golddiggers looking for a way out of the country – or extolling them: talking about how cute their potential children will be, and how the mat salleh is such an upgrade....

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#TheHARDQuestions: The Definition Of Virginity

By Prasad Shankar vir·gin·i·ty /vərˈjinədē/ noun the state of never having had sexual intercourse. “he lost his virginity in college” The older we get, the more insulting the term ‘virgin´ becomes when used in any context. Throughout our young lives however, the term ‘virgin’ has been used out of context many times. Example: “Oh, he lost his Nasi Lemak Bumbung virginity!”. Virginity is not always about sex, but in this article, it is! Before we move on, how about a quick look at how we can use the word! Word of the day: VIRGIN How to use it? IF YOU ARE...

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That ‘Gram Life: 10 Stationery Accounts You Should Be Following

For some of us, stationery is a disposable tool that we don’t really give two hoots about. For others, we’re particular about our pens, paper and other tools of trades. If you fall into the latter, why don’t you check out these 10 Instagram accounts that focus on stationery and all of the fun stuff that comes with that? Stickerrific Little treasures housed in glass, rimmed with gold. Available in store in two sizes! A post shared by STICKERRIFIC (@stickerrific) on Feb 2, 2017 at 7:52pm PST Stickerrific is a stationery lover’s dream: their new location on Level 3,...

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One Last Thing: Informed Consent is the Only Type of Consent

Hi everyone, in this edition of One Last Thing, we talk about the importance of consent in your everyday lives. One Last Thing is a summary of all the things I’m salty about, stripped down to its bare bones and put out here on the greater Internet for you to read. For additional salt, you can head to my Twitter @hannahcyanide or check out my past articles. Submit your stuff! I’m sure I’ll write about it. Consent is defined as “permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.” We usually hear about it when talking about sexual...

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