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One Last Thing: White Knights and Damsels in Distress

Hello, it’s me again. It’s Hannah, coming back with another edition of One Last Thing – The Level MY’s column where I tell you about things that I’m mad about. This week’s edition is inspired by the mildly horrifying number of people I’ve encountered in the last 10 years of my life. Look, I’ve made it pretty clear: I’m not the most mentally sound person out there and I know this. In fact, the bunch of people I hang around with aren’t exactly the most sane but I love them nonetheless. What we’ve all got in common is that...

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One Last Thing: White Privilege and Malaysians

Welcome back to One Last Thing, my current column on things I get mad about – all condensed into a steaming hot cup of tea, served to you straight. Today’s awesome column is about white privilege, because hey – I’m going there. Now, it’s kinda sick how we worship the white man. You know the stereotype, guy A gets treated better than guy B because the first guy is white. This thing is called white privilege. To sum it all up, this is a term for societal privileges that benefit people identified as white in Western countries, beyond what...

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One Last Thing: The Lack of Body Diversity In Asia

Selamat Hari Raya, readers! If you’re not out celebrating this and eating all the Raya food you want, I hope you’re having a good day off. I’m back and angry about more stuff in this week’s One Last Thing. This week, it’s all about body diversity and the lack thereof in Asia. Now, I’m not one to talk. I benefit from the stereotype here in Asia, because I’m 5’2 and roughly sample size. That being said, it’s still a little hard to buy clothes because I don’t fit the specific body image that Asia aspires to have – that...

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One Last Thing: The Perfect Victim

Welcome back to One Last Thing, the weekly rage column where I post about things I get mad about and things that you should probably know. This week comes on the heels of my Harley and Joker article, where I told you why they shouldn’t be your #relationshipgoals. I’m not okay with abuse, in any form – and we’re talking about it here because this isn’t a Western problem, an Asian problem, or a Malaysian one – it’s a problem we all face. About two weeks ago, tabloids published a video of Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov in a...

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One Last Thing: In Defense Of The Basic Girl

Welcome back to One Last Thing, The Level’s column for all things rant-y and such. Sure, I’ve been away for a while and trying to get my life back together but, hey. We’re defending basic girls this week, and in case you need a primer – I’ve got a handy definition below. Urban Dictionary’s top definition for “basic girl” reads as such: She is your run of the mill white girl that has no identity of her own. She has no redeeming unique qualities…think of her as being like a cracker-jack house in a middle class neighborhood. Whatever is...

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