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One Last Thing: In Defense Of The Basic Girl

Welcome back to One Last Thing, The Level’s column for all things rant-y and such. Sure, I’ve been away for a while and trying to get my life back together but, hey. We’re defending basic girls this week, and in case you need a primer – I’ve got a handy definition below. Urban Dictionary’s top definition for “basic girl” reads as such: She is your run of the mill white girl that has no identity of her own. She has no redeeming unique qualities…think of her as being like a cracker-jack house in a middle class neighborhood. Whatever is...

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One Last Thing To Be Mad About: Is Kim Kardashian really talentless?

By Hannah Azlan Welcome to One Last Thing – The Level’s dedicated column to women’s issues and where I condense all my weekly ranting from various social media outlets into an article. If you think I’ve missed something or you’d like to bring something to my attention, you can hit me up on Twitter or email me at Right, I think the whole Taylor Swift vs. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West thing has been done to death. Every single news portal has covered at least one aspect (or like, all of them) over the last week. But, I’ll touch on...

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