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The Level’s Official Playlist of July 2017

911/ Mr Lonely by Tyler, The Creator   The song comes in two parts, with a seamless transition from the first to the next — and is probably one of Tyler The Creator’s best ones from ‘Flower Boy’. ‘911’ definitely has a smoother catch to it, having it featured by Steve Lacy, Frank Ocean, Anna of The North and Syd, but ‘Mr Lonely’ is more gallantly outrageous about being lonely and filling the void with creature comforts. Tyler also had A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q to assist him with ‘Mr Lonely’. This 4-minute track has a lot going on,...

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The Fetishization of Mental Illness, and How That Sucks.

In the wake of Chester Bennington’s untimely suicide, I might volunteer something. I relate. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, and while that might bring comparisons to Gone Girl or Girl, Interrupted – the reality is far less glamorous. Suicidal ideation seems to be part and parcel of most mental illnesses, and I’m no different. This is what happens if you search for ‘suicide’ on Tumblr. Sure, it’s one thing to see a PSA but there’s more to it. These invisible disorders plague a much larger portion of society than reported, if only because of the social stigma. The Star ran...

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Jacked Up: The Tale Of Exorbitant Ticket Prices

No, this isn’t a new issue. That being said, the whole debacle on ridiculous ticket prices has picked up heat again with the now sold out Bruno Mars show here in KL. Only hours after the whole venue sold out, tickets started appearing on StubHub for prices easily triple of retail prices.   Same goes to other concerts preceding Bruno Mars; tickets for Coldplay in Singapore sold for a measly sum of RM20,000 on reseller websites, and Ed Sheeran here in Malaysia sold for approximately 500% of its normal price. The wallet crippling prices leave heartbroken fans in their...

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