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Double the Happiness with Tmall World’s ‘Double 12’ Sale

Alibaba Group’s Tmall World has announced the Double 12 campaign – a 24-hour holiday sale in conjunction with the festive season! Malaysian buyers will be able to shop from a catalogue of millions of products featuring special discount only available on the Mobile Taobao app this 12th December 2017 starting at 12am, so make sure you get all your Christmas shopping sorted out while taking advantage of some great deals. First introduced in 2012 by Alibaba, the annual holiday sale features everything from fashion to accessories, to tech and home products at unbeatable prices. To celebrate the sale making...

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Boost x UTM Bring You The First Cashless Campus

Ever been in a situation where you’ve forgotten your wallet on campus? You can’t buy food, print out things for your assignments, and all the typical student problems that come with not having money on you. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia won’t have that problem, since they’ve partnered with Boost – an app-based innovative mobile wallet. Malaysia’s first Cashless Campus now has all 25,000 students and faculty members across the UTM Kuala Lumpur and Skudai campuses being able to use the mobile wallet as a single mode of payment for all on-campus purchases. UTM is breaking ground by going fully cashless...

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When Knights Fall: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Knights Templar

A lot of people have heard of the Templar Knights before, but how much do we really know? Apart from their distinctive white tabards with the iconic red cross emblazoned on the front, they’re practically the stuff of myth and legend. Let’s face it, most of us only know the juicy bits we’ve picked up from quasi-historical novels, video games and movies… so here’s your chance to find out more! With HISTORY’s new drama series Knightfall coming up on 7 December on Astro Ch 555 and HD 575, we thought we’d take a closer look at these legendary warriors....

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Sunway Theme Parks Appoints Chief of the Wildlife Heroes

By Hannah Azlan Step aside Jane Goodall, Sunway Theme Parks has appointed Anna Huggel, 12, as Chief to lead the Wildlife Heroes in completing their tasks. In August, the heroes gathered for the first time at Sunway Lost World of Tambun. Between learning survival skills and embarking on a night trek exploration, they were also tasked to pick and create an enrichment plan for an animal – to be shared at the 3rd and 4th Council meetings. Sunway Lagoon played host for the 2nd Council meeting, where the Wildlife Heroes spent three days learning the A – Zs of...

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STARTER KIT: Help, Is That A Wrinkle?

Wanna hear a secret? Here’s the one myth skincare people don’t debunk. Anti-aging doesn’t actually reverse aging. I know. Shock and horror. The only thing anti-aging products can actually do is prevent you from aging further, not reverse it. That being said, preventative measures (like masks, and such) are much more feasible than fixing any existing damage – see preventative Botox as an example. It’s recommended that one begins an anti-aging regime at the age of 25 (or earlier, if you’re a smoker/heavy user of any substances) but most people disregard that, and only start once the first wrinkle...

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