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Not Cut Out For The Conventional Office Environment?

“I’m doing Hospitality,” more and more of your friends are saying. You’re puzzled, wondering what does that word even mean. Are they learning to run a hotel? A hospital in a hotel? That sounds like some pretty good pay. Well, you’re not completely off the mark there, so let us answer that for you! Hospitality is one of the most diverse and lucrative fields in the world – it’s a field that covers all the facets of housing and entertaining visitors, and a degree in hospitality almost guarantees you a spot in one of the fastest growing industries in...

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Sixtea: Stories of Unity

In collaboration with our friends at Chill Chill Thai Tea, we set off across Malaysia to three iconic kopitiams who’ve been serving Malaysia since or even before Merdeka and Malaysia Day. From sleepy Ipoh to bustling Penang, we had the opportunity to speak to these three kopitiams about the legacy of their stores, and more importantly, the legacy of the stories they’ve created. With food and drink being an essential part of Malaysian culture, there was no better candidate to give us a peek into 60 years of independence and 54 years of nationhood than those guardians of the...

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So, About That: Chester Bennington and The Demons Within

By Aaron James Leong When I first heard about Chester Bennington’s suicide, I couldn’t help but to feel the loss of an entire generation’s voice – one that helped us all through all those years of teenage angst and tough times. As someone who grew up in an era where manufactured pop music was at its peak, the emergence of screamo vocals in the mainstream music industry brought hope to us all and dared us to dream a little bigger. While some of us were busy mourning the death of Chester, others may have felt that his suicide overshadowed...

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