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Dato’ Seri Vida responds to TMJ video

Local football fans went all a-tizzy when Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, better known as TMJ, posted a video of a pink fan he bought in Barcelona as a present for the Kelantan state football team The Red Warriors- a reference to the flamboyant colors that came with the club’s groundbreaking deal with beauty mogul Dato’ Seri Vida of Vida Beauty Qu Puteh. Hai sayang… TQ kepada yg telah share video ni.. Cenderahati kipas PINK dari Sepanyol.. Suatu ingatan TMJ pada Pamoga Qu Puteh TRW.. InsyaAllahh saya akan ke Real Madrid.. Barcelonnnna … MU… 14 Mac ni.. Bersama Astro.. TQ TMJ.....

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Meet ‘Monkey’, the boss cat of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

Wesley T. Monkey isn’t just any cat. He is THE cat – and you can depend on him to be there for his friends when they need him most. The 2-year-old feline is ‘mayor’ and cool kid of the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, USA. Founded by Indra Lahiri, the sanctuary acts as a ‘forever home’ for former farm animals that have nowhere else to go. Indraloka also houses nearly 100 cats – but Wesley, by far, is the one with the biggest personality. He’s best known for sleeping, riding, cuddling or otherwise simply sitting on top of his...

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Lorry driver acts out our darkest wishes

NIBONG TEBAL: Admit it; we’ve all considered ramming through all the cars in a heavily congested area just to get past the traffic at some point in our lives. But in an interesting turn of events, an angry lorry driver in Nibong Tebal did just that, damaging over 18 vehicles during the rampage. Most of the cars, which were parked along Lorong Rajawali 2, were owned by the usual morning market-goers. Witnesses claim that the lorry had been parked along the road near the market a couple of nights prior to the event. According to a source, one of...

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