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An Interview With MGAC’s Global Champion, Rachel Loh

By Yasmin Newman The Maybank Go Ahead Challenge has been known to test its participants to the limit, with tough case studies and challenges riddled throughout the duration of the competition. After an intense 10 day competition, the top winners were announced at a Gala Dinner held in Kuala Lumpur on the 11th of September 2017. Rachel, who studies in HELP University was awarded with a cash prize of U$D1,000 for the global championship and an opportunity to pursue a two-week internship at any Maybank office of her choice around the world. Luckily, I got to interview her last...

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A Chat With The Hosts Of You Have Been Warned Asia

The Internet is ridden with clips of people doing crazy, hilarious and downright amazing things and on You’ve Been Warned, the best of the best are highlighted and analysed. With a band of hosts who all have a kink for science, The Level talks to Ramon Bautista, RA Rivera, Lourd De Veyra, Angel Rivero, and Jun Sabayton on what they think about viral videos, the different aspects of being a viral star, and their favourite clips of all time.   How do you guys feel about being social media stars? Ramon Bautista: So, I may have a lot of followers on social media but I don’t consider myself a social media star – it’s kind of scary also because you have to be responsible for what you say, but it’s also fun because you get to inspire and teach people about things in life. Right now, we are making them learn science in a fun way because of ‘You Have Been Warned’. So yeah, it’s fun as well.   Lourd De Veyra: I just have to say that Ramon is one of the social media superstars in the Philippines and none of us come even close to him in terms of the numbers of followers. But in the minor realm that where we operate, it’s fascinating and at the same time, nerve wracking too. It’s significant social media following because as Ramon had said,...

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Borak Good Vibes: #4 Talitha Tan.

I recently had a chance to chat with local songstress and fitness enthusiast, Talitha Tan. Sitting in Goodness Greens, TTDI – she was a lovely pop of color in both appearance and personality. Read on to know more about the singer-songwriter who will be performing at Good Vibes. Q: How are you? Have you been busy, how’s the schedule been? A: I’ve been good, I’m just getting my music produced. I’m working with SonaOne, Bo Amir.. and I’m training for a powerlifting competition. (GURL WAT) Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself, generally, or maybe something that...

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Borak Good Vibes #3: Alextbh

By Adani Bakhtiar Location: Rooftop Pool, Stripes Hotel, Jalan Kemunting, KL. Date: 13th July 2017. I’m personally a huge fan of Alextbh. Almost lost my shit when I was told to interview him. We met up at a hotel in the middle of the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur at 10am. 10 freaking am. We both instantly knew that the morning wasn’t for us, but what can you do, work is work. We took the lift up to the hotel’s rooftop and the moment we went out the building’s door – Holy, such a breathtaking view. The sky was...

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Borak Good Vibes #1: Jaggfuzzbeats

By Shazwan Zulkiffli The common understanding is that: Shah Alam isn’t the ideal location to find a solid indie rock band. I mean, for a place that’s popular for their no-cinema zone, roundabouts and the state mosque, so it comes by no surprise that the general public perceives Shah Alam as kind of an oddity just outside the metropolitan PJ/Subang area. But beneath the conservative silhouette, there are small tremors of arts and culture scattered around the sleepy suburbs. Azrul and Omar make up Jaggfuzzbeats, an act that lights up the darkness of that part of town with hits...

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