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An Afternoon with Stars and Rabbit

By Muhammad Nabil Indonesian folk duo Stars and Rabbit performed at The Bee recently as part of the citywide arts festival Urbanscapes, and took the crowd by storm with their enigmatic and energetic performance. Naturally, we were interested in knowing how the minds of one of Indonesia’s best bands came together, so we talked to them about how they came up with their name, evolution of their sound, and their inspirations! Read on for the full interview below. How did you two meet and form the band? Elda: We were actually old friends! We were friends way before the...

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A Chat With The Creator of We Bare Bears

By Muhammad Nabi We Bare Bears presents itself as a feel good show depicting the lives of three bears trying to survive the urban maze that is San Francisco. With a premise as interesting as this, it’s no surprise that the show then gained traction amongst a wide audience here in Malaysia – and The Level scored an exclusive interview with the creator himself, Daniel Chong, to tell us a little bit on the creative process, his inspirations, and which bear he likes the most! Hi Daniel! Tell us a little bit about yourself. How you did you get...

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Malaysian Figures Out The Key to Taiwan and South China Sea

By The Level Author Chai Boon Kheng, author of the recently released book Island Formosa, takes a look at the complicated relationship between China and Taiwan, and how the Middle Kingdom’s behaviour is set to impact ASEAN as it asserts more and more authority over the region. The Taiwan question has been one that has troubled ASEAN politics observers for decades, and with its strong independence movement, it is not like the country will bend a knee to China anytime soon. Boon Kheng claims to have found a piece of historical evidence that changes the entire narrative, and we...

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Amber Chia Holding Auditions for Mrs. Malaysia Asia International

By Jeremy Say Mrs. Asia International Beauty Pageant is looking for the next Mrs. Malaysia Asia International contestant. What sets this pageant apart from the many others is the fact that they want to change people’s perceptions around married women. Just because they are married or have children, doesn’t make them any less desirable than their single counterparts. Auditions are being held on the 11th March, 2017, at Connexion @ Nexus Bangsar South – 9am to 6pm. The top 25 finalists will be selected and groomed to perfection for the finals in May. The top three (3) contestants will...

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INTERVIEW: Discovery Channel’s ‘The Wheel’

By Prasad Shankar Discovery has taken the survivalist genre to new extremes with their latest TV series called ‘The Wheel. Six participants are thrown into distinctly grueling landscapes across South America. Participants are subject to being sent to new locations every time the wheel spins, while being unaware of why or when it will spin. Luke Soderling Shon Joyner To peak our interest and delve deeper into the show, we decided to have a phone interview with two of the participants from The Wheel: Shon Joyner and Luke Soderling. With riveting backstories tied to both of them, we decided...

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