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Voxpop: Taxi Drivers’ Week Long Protest against Uber

By Shazwan Zulkiffli The arrival of Uber and Grabcar in Malaysia has changed how people commute to their daily destinations. Since these services are more efficient than public transport to a certain extent and most importantly, offer transparent pricing, commuters favor them more these days – and some people, namely taxi drivers, aren’t happy about it. Since day 1, a large number of taxi drivers have expressed their disapproval against the operation of Uber and Grabcar, and that has led to on-the-road protests that have led to massive traffic jams and violence caused by the taxi drivers. The fiery...

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Voxpop: What The Youth Say About Bezza

By Shazwan Zulkiffli Behold! Perodua just upped their game by introducing their first ever sedan to the market.  With the introduction price that starts as low as RM37,300, the latest addition to the Perodua family looks set to become the popular choice among Malaysians especially among the youth, like its older brother and perennial Malaysian favorite, the Myvi. The Bezza is also the first energy-efficient vehicle from Perodua and has three variants in five different versions altogether as the 1.3-litre Advance will be available at RM50,800, the 1.3-litre Premium X at RM42,800 for manual and RM44,800 for automatic transmission,...

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