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REVIEW: Project Cars 2

Better Late Than Never I know. Project Cars 2 is overdue. You’ve probably read the reviews on other sites (are we allowed to name the sites?) and have made several conclusions based on the ratings that were given, and I’m here to tell you why it took so long for me to get off my ass and start writing it. Project Cars 2, simply is one of the best racing simulators I have played in this Playstation generation. First things first, some may argue that compared to other full on simulators such as Assetto Corsa and iRacing, Project Cars...

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BETA REVIEW: COD WW2 Returns To Its Roots

Question is, can it regain its former glory? We all know the story too well. Call Of Duty has been on a downfall ever since COD: Ghosts and hasn’t been able to recover its stance as THE go to first person arcade style shooter. There was a short reprieve from the fall in the form of Black Ops 3, mainly because the fanbase still clung onto Black Ops 2, but even it was a short lived event. The following games after that were a flop. Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare took things a little bit too far into the...

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GAME REVIEW: Ghost Recon: Wildlands

By Muhammad Nabil I was too busy reliving my dream of being a cartel hunter with a couple of my friends shooting down sicarios and being a ragtag team of supposedly badass veteran soldiers to really be fazed by the game’s annoying glitches and shortcomings. But that’s what Ghost Recon: Wildlands does best; it ups the ante on fun with mates so much that you’d be willing to forgive the game’s technical fallouts, time and time again. The first thing that gets to you when you enter the game is the sheer scale of the map. Ubisoft has done...

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REVIEW – Ben 10: Up to Speed

By Jeremy Say Thanks to the good people over at Cartoon Network, I was able to get my hands on Ben 10: Up to Speed, a mobile game available on the App Store and Google Play. As a fan of the original Ben 10 universe, I was not fully enamored by the current reboot, but was willing to give the game a chance. To summarize the game easily, it’s a familiar leveled runner styled game. While I get easily bored with runner styled games, Ben 10: Up to Speed does things with enough of a twist to keep me...

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By Jeremy Say MSI has graciously let us borrow the MSI GT83VR TITAN SLI – a ~21K Malaysian Ringgit gaming laptop that came out late-mid last year, boasting variations in the 6RF (GTX 1080 graphics) and 6RE (GTX 1070 graphics) model. There is also a more expensive 7RF and 7RE model with the main difference being a 6th gen vs a 7th gen Core i7 CPU, and of course, a full RGB keyboard for the 7 series. I sadly only had the computer for two and a half days, which leaves very little time to properly test and review...

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