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Dr Strange review: Cliche Superhero movie with a trippy twist

By Shazwan Zulkiffli Marvel fans have been waiting for The Sorcerer Supreme to descend from whatever realm or dimension he might be travelling to since the arrival of The Avengers. Disney didn’t just make magic with MCU, but also a river of cash and fanboy tears and now, the magic of Marvel just got even more surreal with Dr. Strange.   Dr. Strange, also known as Stephen Strange, was formerly one of the best surgeons in New York City, before and after the “Big Clash”. Having been mentioned in Captain America: Winter Soldier, Dr.Strange isn’t straying away from the...

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MOVIE REVIEW: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Typical Tim Burton

By Jeremy Say Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, once a YA novel by Ransom Riggs, is now a YA movie directed by Tim Burton. This movie looked to be the perfect pairing considering that Burton revels in depicting peculiarities and oddities in his gothic style. Yet it still lacks that extra pizazz with it’s somewhat dullish script, awkward humor, and arguably bad overused ending. So if I had to describe the movie – imagine the X-Men mashed up with Harry Potter. A young boy finds out he is a wiz…a mut… a ’peculiar’ and discovers a hidden world...

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Movie: #PEK4K

By Shazwan Zulkiffli   When Grand Brilliance teased the movie Pekak via Monoloque and Aisyah Aziz’s impressive work for the official soundtrack with “Uda & Dara”, Malaysian cinema fans knew that they were up for a treat as the movie stars Malaysia’s favorite darling, Sharifah Amani, Terbaik Dari Langit star Iedil Putra, and ‘Gadoh’ actors Zahiril Adzim and Amerul Affendi. The director, Kroll Azry, brought the audience into his little beautiful world of visual experience, where every shot was carefully planned out to portray the inescapable reality of good vs evil, or merely perspective vs perspective. Based on how...

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Movie Review: The Jaw Dropping Kubo and the Two Strings

By Jeremy Say Um… I knew what I was getting into when I went to watch Kubo and the Two Strings. It was supposed to be just another one of your teens and kids movies with parents being dragged along by their kids. As the movie started, surrounding me with quite a few kids, I couldn’t help wonder to myself if I was even in the right age group. Well, colour me surprised because I couldn’t stop staring at the screen till the end of the movie. It was captivating in so many ways that it is arguably one...

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The BFG and Nostalgia Glasses

By Jeremy Say Anyone who read Roald Dahl as a kid has most likely encountered The BFG – a beautifully written children’s book about a lonely orphaned kid named Sophie and a lonely “tiny” Big Friendly Giant who go on a wondrous, fantastical adventure together. They ultimately come to an understanding that they need one another, as they battle the violent children eating giants that not only tower over the BFG but bully him incessantly. Helmed by Steven Spielberg and written by the late Melissa Mathison, – known for her previous work on E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, – the adaptation...

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