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Fairer Is Not Better: Wake Up Malaysia

Dear Malaysia, it’s me – Hannah. Are you listening? This ad offends me immensely. Even though we’ve gone through hoops and hurdles in an attempt to destroy the internalized hate against those (and those of us) who have darker skin tones, we still have ads like this. Didn’t click the link? Let me summarize it for you: Video makers Kokom shot a campaign for Slimme White, a small bottle that promises to make you both slimmer and paler. According to the video, Slimme White works miracles: rework your face and body, make your b*stard of an ex-husband miss you,...

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So, About That: Chester Bennington and The Demons Within

By Aaron James Leong When I first heard about Chester Bennington’s suicide, I couldn’t help but to feel the loss of an entire generation’s voice – one that helped us all through all those years of teenage angst and tough times. As someone who grew up in an era where manufactured pop music was at its peak, the emergence of screamo vocals in the mainstream music industry brought hope to us all and dared us to dream a little bigger. While some of us were busy mourning the death of Chester, others may have felt that his suicide overshadowed...

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So, About That: Malaysia; where everything is made up and truth don’t matter

By Aaron James Leong Malaysia is comprised of many races, ethnicity, and religions, creating its own personal signature known as the ‘Malaysian Identity’; a blend of various elements from different Malaysian cultures all rolled into one. Maybe it’s the festival season that’s gotten me all introspective but for a long time, I have noticed that, as a country so rich with culture and so strong in its heritage, we seem to be drifting further away from our identity as a nation. To put things into perspective, there have been so many cases of Malaysians going abroad, say to Australia,...

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