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A Tribute to SHINee’s Jonghyun

By Yasmin Newman Regardless of what fandom we all belong to, all kpop fans around the world mourn over the loss of a member in one of the biggest and well-known kpop bands in South Korea; Kim Jong Hyun. He was only 27 years old. Kim Jong Hyun was the main vocalist of South Korean boy band SHINee – but also a friend and someone to depend on. A lot of us depend on his music when we need to be consoled . SHINee was formed by S.M Entertainment in 2008. Yeah…they’ve been with us for a long long...

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Bullying – Why it Matters!

Bullying has always been a matter that many have swept under the rug at one point or another. As most would like to believe, bullying generally has been thought of as taking place between children at school. However, bullying can take many forms in the workplaces, at home and even via digital means, which we all referred to as cyberbullying.   Growing up being bullied has always been a struggle and one is an issue we wish to address. It’s already been known that childhood bullying has long lasting effect on one’s life. With a higher risk of mental health...

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Fairer Is Not Better: Wake Up Malaysia

Dear Malaysia, it’s me – Hannah. Are you listening? This ad offends me immensely. Even though we’ve gone through hoops and hurdles in an attempt to destroy the internalized hate against those (and those of us) who have darker skin tones, we still have ads like this. Didn’t click the link? Let me summarize it for you: Video makers Kokom shot a campaign for Slimme White, a small bottle that promises to make you both slimmer and paler. According to the video, Slimme White works miracles: rework your face and body, make your b*stard of an ex-husband miss you,...

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