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A Tribute to SHINee’s Jonghyun

By Yasmin Newman Regardless of what fandom we all belong to, all kpop fans around the world mourn over the loss of a member in one of the biggest and well-known kpop bands in South Korea; Kim Jong Hyun. He was only 27 years old. Kim Jong Hyun was the main vocalist of South Korean boy band SHINee – but also a friend and someone to depend on. A lot of us depend on his music when we need to be consoled . SHINee was formed by S.M Entertainment in 2008. Yeah…they’ve been with us for a long long...

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How the internet is ruining relationships.

By  Syahira It is a well-known fact that the joy of Hari Raya is extinguished little by little as we grow older, but I feel like this is happening too quickly for me. This year’s Raya was, of course, filled with the must-have dishes such as lemang and ketupat. And as usual, we went to various open houses and family gatherings. I was so excited to go back to kampung to share stories and catch up with the cousins that I see not often enough, but as I sat in our usual circle of similar-aged cousins, I found myself...

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Stop Harassing Yuna, for grief’s sake!

By Shazwan Zulkiffli Yuna has been our darling since “Dan Sebenarnya“ burst from Myspace playlists to the local airwaves in spectacular fashion. Everyone was excited on how Yuna had serious potential to blow up on the international level and thankfully, she did. From making friends with Incubus and Pharell Williams, to now working with Usher, Yuna has pencilled her name in among the Malaysian greats as she worked hard to get recognized musically and with her own line of fashion – plus her popularity also lets people out there know that there are better things about Malaysia other than...

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