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Need For Speed Payback: The NFS We’ve Been Waiting For?

EA and Ghost are smart. They’ve consistently released trailer after trailer of the new Need For Speed Payback, teasing, roping, reeling us in. Month by month gameplay of the new Payback is shown off: a Mustang chasing a lorry containing a Koenigsegg Regera, followed by a customization trailer, showcasing the depth and lengths one can go to personalise their weapon of choice. Next, the one we’ve all been waiting for: the police. My oh my, do they shine. From Crown Victorias, Corvette C7 interceptors, including the return of everyone’s arch nemesis, the Rhino. My pants were practically wet from...

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Fire Dragoon’s League of Legends Roster Released

Photo Credit: Fire Dragoon’s Facebook page By Yue Lynn   Fire Dragoon recently announced the release of their League of Legends roster from their contracts. One can read the statement regarding the roster release in Fire Dragoon’s website.   Going into the season, we did not secure a coaching staff for the team, and most of the time, players were left to fend for themselves. Situations were so dire that players were dying for the management to step in and direct them but by the time we found out, it was already too late. Jeffery “Vyprex” Chan General Manager...

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Could this be the biggest rock festival in Borneo?

Rocktoberfest has become a celebration that rock fans have been enjoying all around the world. A parody of the well-known Octoberfest, Rocktoberfest is usually a gathering of rock fans to watch their favorite bands perform in the month of October. This year, the people of NorthEastern Group will be bringing the best Malaysian bands to Borneo for a two-day fiesta with the likes of Hujan, Estranged, XPDC, and Kyoto Protocol, making this possibly the biggest rock concert ever to be held in the Borneo continent.   Ascension by Maddthelin Hari Demi Hari by OH CHENTAKU For Borneons, Rocktoberfest is...

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