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Ask The People: Mana Lagi Kaw? (Milk Tea edition)

We Malaysians are spoilt for choice when it comes to milk tea – from the essential teh tarik to chain brands like our favorites, Chill Chill, there’s plenty of variety no matter what your palette feels like! But one question bugged us – Mana Lagi Kaw? So we took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to ask you, the people, what you thought of three milk tea brands, and to tell us which one was the ‘kaw’-est of the them all, and you didn’t disappoint! Find out what Malaysians feel is the king (or queen) of milk tea! Mana...

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The Origins of Tea

Ever wondered where the humble cup of tea came from? Tea is an essential part of cultures all over the world, and most countries have some type of tea that they can count as part of their culture. The drink has come a long way from the cups of Chinese emperors, all the way down to the many creative and colorful varieties of tea that we all enjoy today. So take a sip from your Chai Yen and relive the Origins of Tea with...

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Raya Pun Kerja

The modern day world moves fast, and sometimes, there just isn’t time to participate in our favorite traditions, like being able to balik kampung during Raya. Raya is more than just the fireworks, the kampung atmosphere, or even the food – all you need is people you care about to make Raya special. Join Zikri’s journey on a Raya that’s becoming a common reality for Gen Y, brought to you by our friends at Chill...

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Chill Chill Lah, we’re only a few days away from Raya!

The holy month of Ramadan is a time of reflection, discipline and trials – so it’s important to remember the true spirit of the season and face the challenges we’re dealt with patience, kindness, and understanding! In the true Chill Chill spirit of Ramadan, we want to wish all our Muslim friends all the very best as we complete the last week of Puasa! And if the stresses of the day get to you (like Shazwan here), swing by your closest Chill Chill outlet for a refreshing, thirst-quenching Chai Yen, and have a #chillchillah moment while you’re at...

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