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A Malaysian Involvement in Japanese Anime: Boruto

By Magdelena Long Twitter is shook thanks to a Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode’s end credits showing Malaysian names. It turns out that a local animation studio, Dreamatix Studio was involved in the making of the episode. We wanted to know more about these local heroes of the animation community in Malaysia. We took the opportunity to have a quick chat with with Ahmad Zaim Bin Zainal Abidin, the Managing Director of Dreamatix Studio, who were involved in the making of a Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode, episode 53. Struggling at first,  Dreamatix Studio now has its name on two...

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Eddy Jay Jaimin impresses at Heineken Perfect Pour

By Scott Ng   If there is an Olympics for bartenders, the Heineken Global Bartender Final must be it – 16 competitors from countries all over the world, representing the very best bartending skills in their country having won that right in fierce competition. This year, Sabahan Eddy Jay Jaimin proved to be the Heineken World’s Best Bartender, giving beer lovers everywhere a reason to raise their glasses in salute.   The Level was on hand to watch Eddy ply his craft at TBF @ Sunway Giza, where he walked us through The 5-step Heineken Pouring Ritual, and topped...

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Jin Hackman talks discovering hip-hop and what he really wanted to be growing up

*FULL INTERVIEW COMING SOON. Rapper and emcee extraordinaire Jin Hackman is the mastermind behind KL’s premiere hip-hop, rap, and r&b night, Raising The Bar, the genius behind the Malaysian Rap-Up, and a banana trying to find his way through Malaysia’s indie rap scene. We get up close and personal with Jin on his love for rap and hip-hop, how he discovered it and fell in love with the music, and what he really wanted to be growing...

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