By Shazwan Zulkiffli

Our beloved country Malaysia has just celebrated 59 years of Independence, and what’s Merdeka Day without tear-jerking advertisements, videos, and prints – and this year, one highlight has to be from Malaysia’s most subscribed Youtube artist, JinnyBoyTV.


JinnyBoyTV is famous (and infamous) for being one of the pioneers of the Malaysian Youtuber scene with their hit viral videos “Generasiku” and “Abuden”, which together garnered more than 3 million views in total.

This Merdeka Day, JinnyBoyTV lets us celebrate our independence day with a short film called “Home”, a calling for Malaysians studying or working overseas (especially in Melbourne) to come home and serve the country. Youtubers Kyopropaganda and Vikar also appeared in the video, as a son of Nasi Lemak stall owner and a friend to Jin respectively.

If you have friends overseas who “taknak balik” Malaysia, show them this video and hopefully get footage of them blaming onions for tearing up.

Happy Merdeka everyone!