By Norain F.

Actress Elfira Loy is no stranger to controversies and she’s been subjected to a lot of online criticism  lately for endorsing products that pretty much have zero scientific evidence to back it up. We’re talking about HeightUp, the product which claims to help promote height increase. It began with Neelofa posting a photo of her posing with HeightUp, claiming that it can help consumers increase their height. Netizens pointed out the danger of promoting supplements that are not scientifically proven to be safe for consumption. That’s when Elfira Loy stepped into the conversation, telling netizens to ‘stop talking nonsense’ because she has tried the product and it apparently worked on her. Sounds really dodgy, doesn’t it?

This caused an uproar among  netizens, and Elfira came under fire for spreading false testimony. Netizens even pointed out that once you reach the age of 18, your body will stop growing taller. But Elfira was insistent on defending her stance and she even tweeted about how she thinks the supplements work. It was obvious that she herself wasn’t very certain of what she said but… she said it anyway. Would you guys be convinced?

Her series of controversial tweets caught the attention of Dr. Beni Rusani and Dr. Amalina Bakri. Dr. Beni Rusani clarified that from a medical standpoint, there’s no pill/supplement that can increase human’s height. Dr. Amalina on the other hand, reminds local celebrities to be more careful when it comes to promoting products on social media. 

Lazada Malaysia

If you’ve been on social media long enough, you’ll see that this trend of promoting potentially dangerous products is becoming more and more common among celebrities and ‘social media influencers’. Very little research goes into the manufacturing of these products and some of them have been proven to contain mercury, lead and other chemicals that can cause severe damage to where the product is applied. This is very prominent in the cosmetic industry as well. There have been a sudden surge in the production of local cosmetic products that include matte liquid lipsticks and foundations. Some of these local products are manufactured in an unhygienic environment, where quality control is almost non-existent.

So how do the manufacturers market these products to the masses? Social media. Social media platforms are now over-flooding with these so-called celebrity-turned-influencers and they’ll pretty much review any item as long as they get paid for it. This is how easy it is to market your products nowadays and manufacturers are taking full advantage of these daft influencers. Send your product to their P.O. box, bank in a couple of hundred and you’ll start to witness your business grow. Even if you’re selling matte liquid lipsticks made in an unregistered factory where they don’t even bother to have proper quality control. Most of the time, these influencers don’t even know what they’re promoting. Trust me, they only have eyes on the money and not the danger that it can impose to the masses.

Lazada Indonesia

So what do you do? If you were to ask my opinion, I’d say be wary. Don’t trust EVERY online shop that you see on Instagram or the interweb. Do your research and make sure that the products come from a trusted source. You’re allowed to ask as many questions as you want regarding the product to the seller. And if they’re mad, there must be something fishy going on that they don’t want you to know. Exercise your right as a consumer and if you see anything that seems a little off or dodgy, don’t hesitate to report. Most importantly, don’t put your trust in all of these local so-called influencers. More often than not, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

(Disclaimer: This does not apply to all influencers, so make a choice and let it be a wise one.)